Non-white-supremacist arrested for beating Chinese man


#StopAsianHate Store owner Chong Hu “Lu said Thomas [the not-white supremacist] then began to throw punches at him while yelling the words ‘f****** Chinese’ several times.” 

Asian Americans should be saying they’d rather have white supremacists shop in their stores.

The Story

The not-white-supremacist who attacked a Chinese store owner for not letting him open sealed goods in his store, is under arrest. Samuel Delwyn Thomas, 30, of Cockeysville, Maryland, is charged with aggravated assault.

As you can see, he’s black. So far, they are all black except for the crazy white man who killed several Asians, along with others over his sexual problems, not over race.

This beating happened on May 4th in broad daylight at Max Trading Corporation jewelry store.

Chong Hu Lu and his wife operate the jewelry store and told WUSA9’s John Henry in an interview last month that a man – later identified as Thomas – and woman came into his store to look at jewelry. According to Lu, Thomas then asked if they could open a jewelry item.

“And, I said no because we have a policy,” Lu said.

Lu said Thomas then began to throw punches at him while yelling the words “f****** Chinese” several times.

“I think he hates Asian people,” Lu told WUSA9.

Yes, it sounds like he does. And he would be better off if a white supremacist shopped in his store because none of them seem to hate Chinese people, much as Democrats try to make it so.

The woman with Thomas “physically blocked Lu” from chasing him after he left the store. She left the scene in a car.

But, alas, another business owner took down the license number. Delwyn’s in big trouble now.


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