Ottawa Police Are Intimidating Protesters, Then Dumping Them


Since I started posting articles about the dystopian operation creep in Canada, the site has been under assault in a number of ways so if you want to share anything, please do. This site was knocked off Facebook without one violation because of our connection to a Libertarian site with just under a million followers — Capitalism.

It seems that many of those who are arrested are just dumped off somewhere after hours of intimidation. A few of the clips are at the end.


The reason we follow Canada closely is that it might be a bellwether for what is to come in the US, not just Canada. Both Biden and Trudeau have fully adopted The Great Reset. The Reset would be a feudalistic technocracy of peasants and elites if successful.

The deplatforming and debunking were easy to predict years ago as Alex Jones was deplatformed and some gun manufacturers and dealers were debanked. Recently, sites like The Gateway Pundit were debanked by Paypal. It was the camel’s nose under the tent and they got away with it.

Now it’s hit Canada, a quiet, liberal country whose people just want peace, and, presumably, freedom. But, Trudeau decided some people in the working class held “unacceptable views,” and The Emergencies Act came into being.

While protesters told the police they love them and sang peace songs, the police ran over a woman on a walker, lied about it, and smashed truck windows and a few heads here and there.

The sketchy finance minister Chrystia Freeland seized truckers’ and other protesters’ bank accounts, credit cards, money earned from crowdsourcing, and that wasn’t enough. They went after their families’ accounts as well.

People who donated to crowdsourcing platforms to help the truckers also now face debanking. Some people and businesses have lost their jobs or businesses because they donated to GoFundeMe or GiveSendGo.

Still, the peaceful protesters wouldn’t leave.

Canceling the People With “Unacceptable Views”

Mass arrests and intimidation began in earnest. Protesters who simply want to keep their freedoms face losing their livelihoods. For disagreeing with Great Reset Trudeau, they are now untouchables.

This is the cancel culture at its worse. We’ve ignored it for years and now this dark ideology has taken hold and is being justified. The perpetrators have been allowed, even encouraged to get people fired or shunned for not thinking the right way or allegedly not doing what the collective wants.

So, here we are, in Hell.


The Trudeauites pointed to designated persons as targets which meant anyone directly or indirectly connected to the wrongthink protests.

Look at what this ‘journalist’ James Mennie is saying publicly:

Laughing, he said anyone who has” problems with the bank or the revenue department, you’d wish you had beaten up Don Corleone than you’d taken on the CRA.”

He also said the Trudeau-Freeland performance was “marvelous political theater yesterday.” He thinks “Chrystia Freeland will be the next Prime Minister of Canada, come Hell or high water.”

“That being said…,” he continued, “We still have to get boots on the ground. The departure of Chief Sloly, I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll see those boots deployed sooner rather than later. But in the end, we will need boots on the ground.”


Snidely, he said, “But, bottom line, to paraphrase a saying about warfare, it’s gonna be somebody with a riot shield, and a baton, and a gun on their hip that’s gonna have to settle this.”

They even passed a rule that everyone is exempt except for white people.

The government doesn’t need to do much because businesses, in Mussolini-style, will now do their dirty work for them.

They really have no grounds to arrest anyone. They should worry about the violent leftists who are running around with axes in B.C. or planning their next church-burning spree.

This man was beaten and then dumped. He was beaten because he was saying, ‘hold the line’.

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