Portland’s previous mayors were really bad


Aaron Jay Danielson was murdered in Portland last week and the mainstream media is ignoring it. It was in cold blood. He was assassinated for wearing a Patriot Prayer hat, and maybe the blue lives matter insignia too. Antifa danced and celebrated upon hearing of his death.

Mayor Wheeler blamed President Trump but it is Wheeler who can’t guarantee the safety of Republicans.

An author writing for the Wall Street Journal notes that Wheeler might not be the worst mayor Portland has had.

Check out the two who preceded him. One slept with an underage boy and they other raped his children’s babysitter, and more.

In an article by Wheeler’s predecessor, WSJ author Nathan Howard writes about the former mayor Sam Adams:

In 2008 the city elected Sam Adams, who, shortly after he was elected, admitted to having been romantically involved with an underage boy—though Mr. Adams asserted the relationship didn’t turn sexual until after the boy turned 18. Not only did Mr. Adams survive the scandal; criticism of his behavior was routinely branded homophobic and he survived two recall attempts.

Mr. Adams’s agenda was so environmentally progressive that he approved a city budget that did no major road paving for five years.

Then there was Mayor Goldschmidt:

Neil Goldschmidt

Then there was Mayor Goldschmidt who led the rail system like a mafia don and who had an affair with his children’s 14-year-old babysitter.

The most influential modern mayor of Portland was Neil Goldschmidt, who held the office from 1973 to 1979. Mayor Goldschmidt earned notoriety for redirecting federal highway funds to a new and exorbitantly expensive form of public transportation that became known as light rail…

...in 2004 Portland newspapers reported that the state’s integrated land use and transportation planning regulations were being manipulated to award Mr. Goldschmidt’s lobbying clients hundreds of millions of dollars of state contracts. Portland regulators dubbed Mr. Goldschmidt, his developer clients and state regulators “the light-rail mafia.”

Soon after, the Willamette Week newspaper reported that when Mr. Goldschmidt was mayor, he raped his children’s babysitter over the course of three years starting when she was 14. His surprising exit from public life in 1990 was part of a private settlement he’d negotiated with the victim. Mr. Goldschmidt had taken the girl to parties, and his relationship was known to many of the state’s power brokers, many of whom are still active in Oregon politics. No one said anything for decades. In a May 2004 statement to the Oregonian, Mr. Goldschmidt acknowledged having had what he called “an affair with a high school student for nearly a year.”…

…His victim, Elizabeth Lynn Dunham, lived a life of tragedy and addiction and died in hospice in 2011 at 49. Her only consolation was the removal of Mr. Goldschmidt’s official portrait from the Capitol.

In the ‘s___hole’ of Seattle, the former Mayor Ed Murray was accused of raping young boys, including one abandoned Hispanic boy who was drug-addicted.

Progressive leaders do not bring back our souls or hope and light. They’re communists and socialists, godless, narcissistic, and have way too much power.

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