Report: FBI raiding homes of Trump supporters not in the Capitol on 1-6


Investigative reporter Paul Sperry says the FBI is raiding the homes of Trump supporters who were not in the Capitol. One was a DEA agent who had his gun and credentials confiscated.

The media is claiming they interviewed those who participated in 1st Amendment activities.

We also know that Bank of America has scoured their records to give personal information of their customers to the FBI unconstitutionally.

Nothing like this is done to the violent, communist groups of Antifa or Black Lives Matter and their offshoots.

Trump supporter Noel Fritsch said on Twitter that the FBI went to his house and intimidated his pregnant wife. They told her they’d be back repeatedly. Fritsch said he wasn’t even at the Capitol.

He wrote further on Twitter:

I have a few questions for the @FBI: Since ZERO EVIDENCE exists that I attended the Jan 6 Rally or the post-rally tresspass, how did you come to believe it was necessary to visit my home? An anonymous tipster? Did the Anon. give you any evidence? Who is the Anon.?

If there was not an Anon. tip, was the tipster in any way political? Did they offer you any rationale for harassing my family at my house? If there is no evidence I was there, how was the visit anything but pure intimidation, with an eye toward MALICIOUS PROSECUTION?

Do you believe it is a good use of taxpayer funds and USG manpower to send FBI field agents to the homes of political enemies? Can you prove that your visit WAS NOT an effort to intimidate a political enemy?

Tucker recently did a segment on Bank of America giving the FBI the names of people who were in DC. A B of A customer said they used the info to interrogate her.


We now know that the Left, mostly the Left but not all, formed a superstructure of alliances with some strange bedfellows all aimed at destroying Donald Trump and America First. It was published in Newsweek, and you can read more here, here, and here.

In 2017, Sperry told us that Obama created an “organizing superstructure” to obstruct and bring down Trump’s presidency:



  1. Obiden is moving quickly to cement the Fundamental Transformation.
    You have to destroy something in order to transform it.
    What you didn’t expect any utopia and were quite happy with a representative republic?
    Shut up deplorable kulak untermenschen scum this is for your own good creepy ass cracka.
    Have you heard about this Kamal smashed glass “artistic” abomination?
    A Swedish artist made it to represent the smashed ceiling of being chosen by Obiden.
    It is 6 feet by 6 feet and the enlightened intellect czar is too busy replenishing the land mine to visit her shrine.

    • seems like the FBI has become the DNC’s secret police . The parallels to late 30’s Germany and post was East Berlin are chilling

      Of course as history and critical thinking is no longer taught in America , the above fact passes unnoticed

  2. If people want freedom with dignity they better be or be organizing into guerilla armies to totally eradicate this tyranny—all of it. It’s infrastructure, it’s personnel. Period. Because they are passing laws, passing executive orders, and coming for the rest of your lives and any rights you mighy think you have.

  3. how much more are ‘you the people’ willing to take before you start fighting back, and not just with tears and crying on fakebook? Slssles get slapped around, grow a set and start punching back.

  4. States just need to pass laws to become Fed alphabet sanctuaries. No FBI, DEA, IRS, EPA, DHS, or anybody else allowed and no citizen allowed to assist them under penalty of imprisonment.

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