Rumors of Bloomberg considering a far-far-left former candidate for VP


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants Andrew Yang’s endorsement and is reportedly discussing the prospects of Yang becoming his running mate.

Yang dropped out of the Democratic race for president earlier this month and became a political commentator for CNN. He is a businessman with little knowledge of politics.


div class=”google-auto-placed ap_container”>Yang is pleasant and definitely unusual. His agenda included giving everyone a $1,000 at birth, even the rich. Yang also made the communist ‘Universal Basic Income’ a centerpiece of his socialist agenda.

A Bloomberg adviser, however, denied a Wall Stree Journal report published Thursday that said the billionaire “floated” the idea of Yang becoming his vice president.

The adviser said Bloomberg’s campaign reached out to Yang about his support but no formal or informal offer to Yang to be vice president.

Bloomberg is a notorious liar, however.


Yang told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday that “multiple campaigns have” offered him roles in their campaigns.

“What I can say is that multiple campaigns have reached out, and it’s flattering to be considered for a VP role or any role in someone’s campaign,” Yang said.

“I made clear to every other candidate that I ran on a set of issues — automation of jobs, an evolving economy that we need to humanize and a dividend of $1,000 a month for every American,” he said. “And I said that if a candidate were to make a significant commitment in those directions, then I’d be much more enthusiastic about considering an endorsement.”

Yang is anti-Second Amendment, wants to legalize ALL drugs and help the addicted shoot up, calls the President a white supremacist and says he could “beat fat Trump,” wants a China-like digital social credit system, and he took a stand against circumcision! He would establish a public policy on it.

His love of whipped cream will put him at odds with Bloomberg:

He’s a loon and should stay with CNN. It’s a good match.

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