The Climate Scam from Votes for Dems to Black Rock Investments


The climate scam does nothing for the climate and only survives on frightening the population and forcing taxpayers to pay for it. The grateful companies then feed some of the redistributed riches to Democrat campaigns.

If you believe giving trillions to super-wealthy globalists will save the planet, you might be mistaken.

Joe Biden Democrats keep the climate grift going because it’s how they get your votes. Frightening Americans as policy works at building a cooperative population. We saw how well fear worked during the pandemic.

Yesterday, Biden toured a Korean wind power farm in Colorado and insulted Rep. Lauren Boebert because she didn’t want to waste taxpayer dollars on it. It was a Democrat ploy to get votes for the Democrat who would run against her.


Windmills offshore rust out in 25 years are noisy and unattractive, make us wholly reliant on China, and there is no plan for their waste. They kill birds. They are suspected of killing whales.

Windmills are heavily subsidized, as are all government projects, or they wouldn’t survive.

GE executives reported losing $1 billion in 2023 in offshore wind. Even with subsidies, they can’t turn a profit.

Take the EV as another good example. We just reported that gasoline cars would cost $17 a gallon to fill up if they didn’t subsidize EVs. Every EV has about $50,000 in taxpayer subsidies. That’s what you pay to get these things on the road.


Democrats can’t survive without these grifts. Some Republicans do it, too.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on the scam, and much of that is then filtered back from the companies to Democrat campaigns. That’s how it works with abortion mills, unions, and favored companies.

The money Democrats are spending on the climate scam is causing dangerous levels of inflation. And to give the appearance of cheaper gasoline prices, Biden is allowing Iran to sell millions of barrels of oil to China. He knows that they use this money for terrorism. The administration has admitted that.

None of this would happen if the government didn’t force it.

Electric utilities don’t want them. It makes us completely dependent on China for our energy. We currently rely on exports from Taiwan, and our national security is wholly compromised.

Offshore wind is unreliable. In the West right now, there is no wind or sun. So where are they supposed to get their energy?

This scam is a way to get votes and won’t do a thing to cool the climate. The entire energy transition is a failure; most knew it would be.

Central planning is a failure. When they have control of you and your money, you see what they do with it.


Investment managers love it for the money. Greed supersedes all else. The money from the middle class gets redistributed to them, and they mostly fund Democrat campaigns.

Black Rock CEO Larry Fink, creator of ESG, wants $4 trillion more for climate investments.

Zero Hedge reported: The world’s biggest asset manager, BlackRock, says that significant public sector and public financial institution reforms could close the gap in climate financing in emerging markets and free up to $4 trillion more in decarbonization investments by 2050.  

On Tuesday, the BlackRock Investment Institute (BII) published a paper that found that transition-related investment in emerging markets “will likely be notably lower than what they need across a range of scenarios.”

As Zero Hedge reported, Some reforms include evolving the mandates and toolkits of multilateral development banks and public financial institutions like the World Bank, BlackRock’s economists and researchers wrote.

Black Rock wants more central planning and globalism, which means less freedom, wealth, and security for the common man. It’s what Democrats want in general.

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