The Leak of the Austrian Pandemic Conspiracy Files


We all remember the western countries that acted like Nazis in mandating and controlling the populace over the pandemic. The truth has leaked out slowly in the US and throughout the Western World. We now have devastating files leaking out of Austria.

We all heard about The UK Lockdown Files and the corruption in government. Many suspected conspiracies for the past few years, and the conspiracies are coming true. We now have an even more insidious piece of evidence of a broad conspiracy by totalitarian leaders in the Western World. This proof comes from Austria and leaked government files exposing corruption by totalitarians in government.

In Austria, it was a crime to be unvaccinated. As it turns out, a broad conspiracy was behind it.

During the pandemic, the Sentinel wrote that Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen imposed new Covid restrictions that require all adults in the country to be fully vaccinated and boosted or face punitive fines until 2024. Drivers would be pulled over at random for spot checks.

Some counties had already hired hunters. In Austria, it is illegal to go unvaxxed. According to their polls, 55% of Austrians support this.

The police were brutal. Austrians over 12 who were unvaxxed could not leave their homes.


“Austrian alternative media outlet Der Status published leaked documents from the Austrian Chamber of Physicians (Ärztekammer) that show, beyond a reasonable doubt, the grand conspiracy between government, the Chamber, and its protagonists,” Joel Smiley writes.

The Austrian government took over medicine.


Spring 2020: Collaboration with the Politicians Commences

In April 2020, Szekeres, Steinhart, and Minister Anschober [Greens, since retired] signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding Concerning COVID-19 Vaccinations’. That is, at a time—more than half a year—before the conditional approval of these injectable products, this Memorandum dealt with, among other things, advertising campaigns by doctors for the vaccinations, the vaccination of health-care workers and their family members, vaccinations in homes and schools, and reimbursement agreements.

Yet, secretly, an additional deal was also negotiated: it was literally agreed that ‘clear blanket vaccination recommendations will be made via the National Immunisation Consortium (Nationales Impfgremium, or NlG) on the suitability of the various vaccines and their applicability, esp. for various high-risk groups’.
Explosive: the Minister of Health and the Austrian Medical Association leadership signed a contract in which they go over the head of the National Immunisation Consortium—and they did so long before the injections were even available—to determine what the National Immunisation Consortium will recommend.

[this means, in other words, that the NIG never had anything to say about the data or the underlying clinical trials; this much we already knew, but now we have the receipts: these people have failed the public, betrayed the trust of patients, and soiled themselves]

It was never about Facts or Truth

Until now, the public was not aware of any document that so clearly showed that various ‘expert panels’ and ‘commissions’ obviously only served to obligingly recommend what politicians and the medical association leadership wanted. It was never about expertise, about advice, about objective science, about health.

Long before the beginning of the mass vaccination campaign, when vaccines did not even exist (!), it was only about one thing: vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate! The various ‘expert committees’ and doctors served only as Komparsen [extras, in German, one may also use the term Statisten, which literally implies undue influence of the state].

And it is obvious that the medical association leadership was ‘bought’ off with the reimbursement fee agreement [I’ve omitted the screen shots of some original documents, which can be checked out, if you read German, in the original article; it suffices to say that the fees are extraordinarily high, esp. in light of the incidence of injection: 25 Euros for the first jab and 20 Euros for every successive jab; this piece of evidence is reproduced below in the same position as in the original article].

April 2020 thus was the decisive moment in the history of the Medical Association in which its leadership handed the soul of the medical profession to politicians for the equivalent of thirty pieces of silver.

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Mark Schwendau
2 months ago

I am Austrian and visited my hometown in 1999. These people need to be exterminated as the Nazis they truly are. There is an old adage, “Kill those who would kill you, first.” That applies well today.

This country and the average citizens that live there as Austrians are beautiful. This president ruling them needs to be removed, BY FORCE, IF NEEDED.

2 months ago
Reply to  Mark Schwendau

When talking to friends, I tell them basically what you just said. They respond with “we can’t be like them”, I laugh and tell them “plan on losing then”!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

It is explosive, but not shocking. This scam began with lies, scare tactics, and massive corruption, which was easily recognized.

Austrians will remain asleep, they have let globalist leftists take over.

The prosperous and free west has been subverted by itself and the NWO. The west is dying.

2 months ago

The cattle is not supposed to think about what’s good for them. It’s the farmer’s aka elites job. They know what’s best for their livestock and especially for themselves. And sometimes it’s necessary to cull the herd.

2 months ago
Reply to  Hoepper

And sometimes the cattle rise up and take over the farm

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 months ago
Reply to  Heade4TheHills

Would it not be wonderful…”if”….