The Strange Disappearance of James Gordon Meek – Update


The Strange Disappearance of James Gordon Meek


Update: 2/2/23: We now know why Meeks disappeared. He is credibly indicted of spreading child porn and contacting children. It had nothing to do with books or articles he was writing. This whole article was way off.


AT A MINUTE before 5 a.m. on April 27, ABC News’ James Gordon Meek fired off a tweet with a single word: “FACTS.” 

It was in reply to a Washington Post Pentagon reporter Dan Lamothe, who noted the wealth of information the U.S. military had gathered about Russian ops by observing their combat strategy in real-time.

It was his last tweet, and he hasn’t been seen publicly since.

On Tuesday, Rolling Stone reported that an Emmy-winning ABC News producer James Gordon Meek has withdrawn from public and professional life following an FBI search at his home. They allegedly turned up classified information on his laptop.

His ABC detractors called him a “military fanboy.” But his record of exclusives was undeniable, with bombshell after bombshell.

With his Hulu documentary poised for a possible Emmy and an upcoming book on the military’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, he was at the height of his success. Then the raid came in April.

A Virginia federal magistrate judge (a political appointee) approved the raid. The next day, the FBI conducted the raid and allegedly found classified information on his laptop. He hasn’t been seen since. One reporter told Roling Stone, “He fell off the face of the earth.”

They allegedly found classified documents on his computer.

The Leak

“Mr. Meek is unaware of what allegations anonymous sources are making about his possession of classified documents,” his lawyer, Eugene Gorokhov, said in a statement. “If such documents exist, as claimed, this would be within the scope of his long career as an investigative journalist covering government wrongdoing. The allegations in your inquiry are troubling for a different reason: they appear to come from a source inside the government. It is highly inappropriate and illegal for individuals in the government to leak information about an ongoing investigation. We hope that the DOJ [Department of Justice] promptly investigates the source of this leak.”

One of his stories about the 2017 ambush in Niger was made into a full-length documentary, 3212 Un-Redacted, for Hulu, ABC’s sister company. The investigative reporter who worked with Meek on the project, Brian Epstein, also suddenly left the network. He told Rolling Stone he won’t discuss the project.

The Book

In the months before he disappeared, he was finishing up a book for Simon & Schuster titled Operation Pineapple Express: The Incredible Story of a Group of Americans Who Undertook One Last Mission and Honored a Promise in Afghanistan, which he co-authored with Lt. Col. Scott Mann, a retired Green Beret. Mann now promotes the book alone.

“He contacted me in the spring, and was really distraught, and told me that he had some serious personal issues going on and that he needed to withdraw from the project,” Mann tells Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone spoke with Meek’s neighbors in Siena Park, but no one would even confirm he was gone. His ABC News colleagues said they had no idea what happened to them and seemed curiously uncurious.

He’s not arrested, and he’s not dead. Maybe he’s in the witness protection program? Perhaps it’s just a personal issue and he will one day return. He could be under investigation.

Rolling Stone offered their own conjecture: does the Biden administration target journalists as Obama and other presidents did?

They could be on to something. Obama did that often. One of those cases was that of Sharyl Attkisson.

The Sharyl Attkisson Saga

CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson doggedly pursued a variety of stories, including such Obama administration debacles as Benghazi and the botched Fast and Furious investigation into gun-running.

She was stymied from getting airtime for stories beyond politics, including corporate scandals and many other subjects.

None of the investigative stories that Attkisson proposed in the year before she left were greenlighted for the “CBS Evening News”; most of her pitches were turned down.

She later sued the government over what she believed were intrusions into her computer. Ms. Attkisson believed the Obama administration – the DOJ and the FBI spied on her and many others. She worried that they planted secret information to use against her.

In 2017, she told Bill O’Reilly that the revelations about Paul Manafort and others being spied on by the government vindicated President Trump on his wiretapping claim. In fact, at least a half-dozen others close to the President were spied on.

As it turned out, she was correct.

Mrs. Attkisson was one of the many people targeted by the Obama administration for surveillance.

Her personal computer and CBS laptop were hacked after she began filing stories about Benghazi, Green Energy, Fast & Furious, et al. that were unflattering to the Obama administration. Attkisson wrote about it in a New York Times bestseller documenting this called ‘Stonewalled.’

Never Again

Also, in 2017, the media ignored a spy scandal in the Democrat House. It could have involved espionage but was shrugged off. Fake Russian spy stories were being spread without evidence, but as Sheryl Atkinson said, the media will never again report facts without bias. They serve the global elite, not the people. They are no longer government watchdogs; they are only watchdogs of anyone who disagrees.

It feels like you can time the end of the watchdog media with the Obama administration. He is the strongest voice to silence opposing opinions.

Of course, Mr. Meek’s sudden disappearance could be just a personal matter.


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1 year ago

Does anyone find it odd that All Bout Clinton’s(old name) hasn’t said a word about their missing boy? Haven’t tried to get him out? Ask about him. Send him a Happy Meal? Lamestream was told FIB is working their boy and ABC said keep him as long as you like.