They’re Not Even Hiding It Anymore: Why Trump Was Charged


On December 16th, far-left Politico ran an article, Why a Trump conviction might not save Biden’s reelection. The author examined how a conviction(s) might affect Trump’s candidacy. They’re in your face now. They need a conviction to put figurehead Biden back in the White House. The charges are to keep Donald Trump from winning the presidency again in 2024.

After explaining that polls show convictions would only shift the election a percentage point, they posted the happy news – internal polling shows otherwise.

My colleagues at POLITICO Magazine commissioned their own polling with Ipsos back in August. Roughly a third of respondents, 32 percent, said a conviction would make them less likely to vote for Trump — far from unanimity.

Others have pondered the news that convictions might kill his candidacy, but the NY Times article features Norm Eisen borderline boasting that the Democrats can win if they imprison Trump.

They see conviction as Mr. Trump’s Achilles’ heel and believe one of Jack Smith’s cases will be heard by November 2024, causing him to lose. That’s how Democrats plan to win – by throwing his opponent in prison. Can canceled elections be far behind?

The negative impact of conviction has emerged in polling as a consistent through line over the past six months nationally and in key states. We are not aware of a poll that offers evidence to the contrary. The swing in this data away from Mr. Trump varies — but in a close election, as 2024 promises to be, any movement can be decisive.

Norm Eisen is a former Obama official and a Marxist attorney like his former boss. If you remember, Molly Ball wrote an article for Time Magazine bragging about how a cabal of wealthy anti-Trump activists, mostly far-left, worked together to turn the public against Donald Trump.

Eisen was the brains behind the cabal against Trump, made famous by reporter Molly Ball.

Under the guise of caring about the ‘democracy,’ the cabal claimed the attack was warranted and exacting. The coalition hit every possible avenue of attack. Ball wrote:

“The scenario the shadow campaigners were desperate to stop was not a Trump victory. It was an election so calamitous that no result could be discerned at all, a failure of the central act of democratic self-governance that has been a hallmark of America since its founding.”

“Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. ..hey fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers, and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. ..hey successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears.

Public awareness campaigns:

They executed national public-awareness campaigns that helped Americans understand how the vote count would unfold over days or weeks, preventing Trump’s conspiracy theories and false claims of victory from getting more traction. After Election Day, they monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result. “The untold story of the election is the thousands of people of both parties who accomplished the triumph of American democracy at its very foundation,” says Norm Eisen, a prominent lawyer and former Obama Administration official who recruited Republicans and Democrats to the board of the Voter Protection Program.

Norm Eisen is bidding farewell to Vladislavsky.

This is how they operate, and they are proud of it. They demonize and dehumanize their opponent and then, with circular reasoning, use that as the basis for their cabals against him. They scream about democracy while violating every reasonable tenet.


Eisen went after Brian Kemp in the last election but failed.

Eisen was Obama’s ethics chief (not a joke), an ambassador to the Czech Republic, a senior fellow at Brookings, and a co-founder of CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government, heavily funded by Soros’s foundations.

He was a Transition Integrity Project (TIP) member, which planned ways to destroy Trump’s presidency after the election. The 100 or so influential people had a number of ideas, such as sending their militants onto the streets. They imagined J6:

Anarcho-communists of Antifa, the Democrat Party militants.

It’s amazing how they predicted this.

You will find Norm Eisen involved in this destruction of Donald Trump every step of the way. During the first impeachment, Jonathan Turley made a point of calling out the extreme abuse of power. There was no evidence, proof, and just presumptions. The witnesses were leftist lawyers who served as gossips. Eisen predicted impeachments in jokes online.

You see how communists work, and these people are the worst.

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Ancient Alien
Ancient Alien
2 months ago

TPTB cannot allow Trump to win Super Tuesday. They put him in jail, his numbers go up. Much like the mafia, they’ve exhausted all options, save one. Same with Elon Musk. He’s not on their team, so he must be bankrupted, and demonized. Should their strategy fail, there’s always the final solution. 2024, the year insanity took control of the world.

Joe archer
Joe archer
2 months ago

Just like xidens entire cabinet is jewish

Joe archer
Joe archer
2 months ago

Pretty sure eisen is jewish. What a coincidence

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 months ago

“The scenario the shadow campaigners were desperate to stop was not a Trump victory. It was an election so calamitous that no result could be discerned at all, a failure of the central act of democratic self-governance that has been a hallmark of America since its founding.”

It was a calamitous election because Democrats orchestrated nation wide voting fraud.

The mountains of evidence of voting fraud rejected by corrupt judges ( and rejected by an as corrupt media) made the calamity even worse.

Trying to throw in prison people for having been witnesses or for trying to sound off the alarm on voting fraud is beyond calamity.

It is horror.

yes horror.

Democrats have taken being tyrants to another level.

You can go to jail for being honest under leftist rule.

… … …

Which reminds me of something related,

it is small potatoes to you Americans, but it is the same type of liberal tyranny;

a right wing journalist in Canada has been found guilty of…writing a book that criticize Justin Trudeau !!!

Ezra Levant must now pay a fine as the court said his book was illegal!

It is the FIRST time in Canada’s history that this has happened!

and the court told him if he does it again, he may face jail time…for a book!!!

Just as it was in Cuba under Castro, or as it was in Russia under Stalin or Germany under Hitler ; you can end up in jail for your opinion.

Liberals are the new tyrants, their Spanish inquisition is bigger and crazier everyday,
this time it is not heretics who refuse to believe in God that are persecuted, this time it is those who refuse to believe in leftism…

and if you witnessed some liberal commit voting fraud it is you that they will arrest not the liberal.

We had roughly 60 years of relative sanity, now we are back in the dark ages, psychopathic tyrants are in charge and they will persecute anyone who disagrees with them.

and they give immunity to those who help them ( BLM, Antifa, pro-Hammas can burn down buildings even police stations, they will get at most a slap on the wrist )

Frank McCarthy
Frank McCarthy
2 months ago

Wise brother you got Balz made of solid bronze thanks for the commentary hope is more of us can see and help the feeble ones to see and agree with us.
Like the great UK band “Wire” oft sand about…”Something ain’t quite right”

Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
2 months ago

I’ve been saying for decades that to people who prize power above all else, there is no such thing as an unthinkable or immoral tactic…for them. The long-promoted canard that these are “public servants” might suffer its final defeat from the Democrats’ undisguised determination to hold onto federal power no matter what. What the American people will do once that fiction falls, no one can say…but it’s unlikely to be pretty.