This Could Be Why Gov. Hochul Is Sending Military to Subways


Kathy Hochul recently announced that she is sending 1,000 National Guard and State Police to the New York City subways to fight crime. This morning, another person was stabbed in the subway.

Some people are concerned that Gov. Kathy Hochul is preparing for martial law. Putting military in the subways is unusual. However, there are some other options. The one that strikes us is she’s preparing for a terror attack. Maybe she is taking Director Wray’s warning seriously.

We have open borders with thousands of single, military-age men pouring in, many from countries we consider enemies.


At the National Sheriff’s Association Conference in Washington, D.C, in February, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones heard warnings from the FBI of imminent terrorist attacks on the U.S.

“It’s not if they are going to attack, it’s just when they are,” Jones said. “There are people already here who have come to this country who hate us and want to kill us.”

We need to expect cyberattacks, crippling power grids, train derailments, and cells of armed terrorists who target multiple areas of the country.


Cyberattacks have already occurred. One such attack affected the BCSO in 2020 when the dispatch center was crippled.

The sheriff’s office is “getting five cyber hack attempts a day by the Chinese, three times a day by the Iranians, and we got hacked two years ago by the Russians,” Jones said. “And that is not just us. I assume they are doing that all over the country.”

Jones said the Chinese have the U.S. outnumbered 50 to 1 in people working on cyberattacks and prevention. He got that directly from FBI Director Wray.

“Their deal is to cause us disruption in our county. To cause chaos in our country, not like next week — now. From the red flags and chatter that they (FBI) are hearing,” he said.

The FBI said that people who came illegally are here to “do harm to us … that they have never seen it this bad.”

It’s Not Just Big Cities

He said big cities won’t be the only target; terrorists also will hit smaller cities and rural areas where people typically feel safe.

“The terrorists are here; we have already been told that – from 160 countries that want to do us harm,” Jones said. “We have been told by the FBI that they are here and it is just a matter of time before they attack.”


We catch some. How many don’t get caught? Millions have come in without being caught.

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