Unholy alliances of a presidential campaign


Facebook and Twitter will not allow the dissemination of information that helps President Trump, and they won’t allow much of anything that can harm Joe Biden. We certainly saw that this week as a possibly very damaging story came out tying Biden and his son to illicit activities in Ukraine and China.

The NY Post published the Hunter-Joe Biden stories, and they were locked out of their own account.

Others were locked out of Twitter as well, including the Trump campaign, the press secretary, James Woods, Dana Loesch, and others who linked to the NY Post story.

The Sentinel is shadowbanned on the Facebook Capitalism page. In fact, the page owner has been moved to a moderator status without warning or explanation. Many are seeing greatly reduced distribution.


You won’t be surprised to learn that over 90% of the staff in these social media monopolies support Biden. And you won’t be taken aback to learn that several of the social media titans left recently to work directly on Joe Biden’s campaign.

Twitter’s public policy director Carlos Monje previously worked for the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Now he’s back with the DNC and Biden.

Facebook’s Jessica Hertz joined Biden’s team as a general counsel to oversee ethical issues.

Is Biden still asking social media to ban certain content using these sources?

In October of last year, Biden demanded that Facebook take down allegedly fake RNC ads, especially if they mention Hunter and his ties to seemingly corrupt dealings in foreign nations.

The Biden camp demanded Rudy Guiliani be taken off the air. Giuliani has extensively investigated Biden’s foreign dealings. And this week, Twitter and Facebook have banned or reduced distribution of the NY Post story detailing illicit dealings of Hunter Biden, which implicate his father, Joe.

It is very concerning to see these ties and cross hiring between the campaign and the Tech Giants knowing that Joe and his campaign are very comfortable with fascistic censorship.


Twitter and Facebook will share any false story about Trump, whether it be Russia collusion, salacious material from the dirty dossier, or tax returns.

The Tech Giants who monopolize the Internet had no problem repeating Charlottesville’s lies that Biden continues to repeat. The lie that Russia was paying for the murder of US soldiers continues thanks to Biden and his friends in the media and social media. The recent lie about the government sabotaging the USPS went around as viable and not a manufactured conspiracy theory. Children in cages are probably the most offensive, effective, and radically dishonest of all the lies.


It’s not only the Tech Giants. It’s the media in general, controlled by six corporations who now want to control all of us.

The leftists from the Obama-Biden staff have cross-pollinated with the media. For example, Jay Carney was a reporter for Time and became Obama’s press secretary. Shailaigh Murry worked for The Washington Post and then moved over to Biden’s team. Her husband Neil King worked for the WSJ and then went to Fusion GPS, where the dossier was cooked up.

Linda Douglass, who helped spread lies about Obamacare, is now running a pilot program to spot and report ‘lies,’ which amounts to anything on the right. Jill Zuckman, who wrote for the Chicago Tribune, became Obama’s Department of Transportation head. Douglas Frantz and Stephen Barr went from WaPo to the Obama-Biden administration. Jonathan Allen of Politico worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then back to Politico and finally landed at NBC News.

CNN anchor Jim Scuitto worked in the Obama admin, and Valerie Jarrett’s daughter went to CNN. Of course, we can’t leave out ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, who was the Clinton consigliere.

There are many more examples, and all have corrupted the free press. Now, we see the corruption of social media, which is, for now, the last bastion of free speech for the common man.


We appear to have lost free speech because of monopolies, and they are attempting to swing the election. They are doing an outstanding job by being dishonest and playing dirty DC games. They are the swamp.

The election is between the swamp and freedom from the swamp creatures.

This is the most dishonest and hate-filled campaign I have ever witnessed and, from my knowledge of history, probably the worst in U.S. history.

There is no question Joe Biden enriched his son and others while he was vice president. We have him on video extorting the Ukraine government.

Biden failed in his run for the presidency three times because he is a liar, a plagiarizer, and corrupt. Now, he is even willing to be the minion of the hard-left. However, the hatred towards Trump, whipped up by media and Democrats, is so severe that people are willing to vote for Biden.

The hatred is so bad, and corruption doesn’t matter at all. Have you ever seen anything like this? I haven’t.

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