US is abandoning US citizens and green card holders at the airport


After the Biden administration gave out a list of names of American citizens, green card holders, and allies, to the Taliban, we have to wonder if there are traitors at the top. There is another problem that lends credence to this concern. We have anonymous refugees being resettled in the US while citizens and others who are known to us are being pushed aside at the airport.


Yesterday, we reported about a US rescue team who brought US citizens and Afghan allies to the airport in Kabul was turned away. A US military officer told them they had to turn around and go back. The rescue team did so and have since heard the people are in the hands of the Taliban.

This morning, we reported that the US military has stood in Glenn Beck’s way as he rescued Christian Afghans who are in grave danger.

The ShadowWarriors experienced similar problems. The US stood in their way.

This has been a common refrain and it is inexplicable. US bureaucracy at the Hamid Karzai International Airport has resulted in a number of planes going out near-empty. Foreign forces complained about the US military officers getting in the way of evacuations, trying to ban them from going out to get their citizens.

Now we have the case of a California woman being kept back by the US military. She was beaten brutally by the Taliban as a result (see the video). The State Department and Department of Defense are not interested in the lists of US citizens or green card holders held by private rescue teams. The US administration will not deal with the private rescue teams.

Is it hubris?

Will anyone in the media ask Jen Psaki or Joe Biden about this?

Are we dealing with traitors, total incompetents, both?

The Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS-K will love to bargain, using thousands US citizens and allies left behind. They want the billions Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has frozen.


US veterans, in a daring rescue, were able to bring more than 600 Afghan forces and their families who fought with the US into the airport. Hopefully, they will get out.

If Biden let our forces go rescue people they would have rescued almost everyone.

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