Sara Noble

Sara Noble

Hillary Clinton’s Globalism – Get Rich Off the World


The Clintons have been suspected of corruption for decades but it’s never been a problem before. Suddenly the mainstream media cares and left-wing groups that support the closet-socialist Elizabeth Warren – Common Cause being one – have called for an audit of the Clinton Foundation. Condemnation of the Clintons’ scandalous behavior is building momentum on…

Fournier on the Clintons – ‘You Don’t Have to Be a Lawyer to Know That They Violated Ethics Laws’

Ron Fournier

Hillary Clinton’s latest scandal is a bad omen for what a President Clinton term would look like. It should prove exhausting, divisive, and unpleasant. Clinton has recently claimed she would get the big money in politics. That was right before it was discovered she was taking big money from foreign entities at the same time she appeared to be…

Christian Chaplain Censured for Mentioning King David in Counseling

Miliatry under Obama

There is a reason Christians are fleeing the military and why moral is in the tank. The radical Humanists at the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers is closely allied with the Anti-Christian Mikey Weinstein at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Both organizations want to eliminate all mention of Christianity in the military. Christians who reveal references…

Obama’s JV Team Threatens California, Expands Into Yemen


Barack Obama thinks ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States even as California beefs up security over a possible impending attack. He believes they do not have a “vision” that people find attractive, even as they expand throughout the globe and count hundreds and sometimes thousands of new recruits each week. He’s…

Rev. Franklin Graham – Stop Immigration From Terror Nations

ISIS barbarians

ISIS shot and beheaded another 30 Christians last week because they would not convert or pay the tax penalty for being Christian. The outrage we saw in the beginning of these atrocities has seemed to melt into complacency. That has not gone unnoticed by Rev. Graham who thinks Americans have grown to just accept it.…

Feds Might Have Found a Way to Force Americans to Pay for Free College


In January, Education Secretary Arne Duncan praised President Obama’s proposal to provide free community college to responsible students. The word “free” is misused since someone will have to pay and that would be the US taxpayer. The proposal doesn’t have a prayer of passing Congress but that might not stop the administration. Arne Duncan has found another…