Sara Noble

Sara Noble

Medicare Won’t Pay Fees for Services Next Year


Next year, doctors and hospitals will no longer get paid according to the fee for services model. They will get a fixed salary according to how well patients do. We will see the equivalent of patient report cards. Personalized care is out, government one-size fits all healthcare is in. The more tests, scans, surgeries that hospitals and…

Marx Would Be Proud of Obama’s Alaska Land Grab


After taking unearned credit for the increased oil & gas production during his State of the Union address, Barack Obama announced Sunday that he will close off 1.5 million acres of the oil-rich Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil and gas exploration. This will make Iran happy. We won’t be competing with them on the…

What Would Jesus Say About Michael Moore’s Gluttony Problem?


As anti-capitalist Michael Moore sits in his mansion satiating his great big appetite, he continues to blather away on Twitter about snipers being cowards. He asked on Twitter what Jesus would do if he could be a sniper and shoot “savages” in the back. Moore is also using Twitter and Facebook to brag about all that he’s done for…

Turkey Bans Facebook Pages Insulting Muhammad As Citizens Chant “I Am Hizbullah”

Turkey protest

Late Sunday, Facebook was ordered by a Turkish court in Ankara to censor pages insulting the Prophet Muhammad or risk being blocked entirely in the country. Another court in Turkey banned sites showing the cover of Charlie Hebdo. It’s probably a good idea considering the attitude of the citizens. In the SE of Turkey, 100,000 protested and these protests…