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Here’s the Article HuffPo Doesn’t Want You to See


Huffington Post doesn’t want you to see an article titled, Hillary Clinton to Be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges, at least they don’t want you to see it on their website. The author claims his sources confirm that she will be indicted under RICO. Left-wing publication Huffington Post removed a blog article by contributor Frank…

Google Celebrates Memorial Day With This Outre Google Doodle

google doodle

If you are confused by the above google doodle, you have a right to be. Google is celebrating Memorial Day, which commemorates our war dead, with a google doodle for Mother’s Day in Nicaragua. They never celebrate our soldiers on Memorial Day.  However, they don’t miss ‘Labour Day’, Ghana Day or kid’s day and parent’s day in Korea.…

Let’s Not Forget Hillary Clinton’s Other Email Scandal


A former Inspector General (IG) who left before Hillary became secretary of state said this week that it is no coincidence there was no inspector general while she was in office. He said if he were IG he would have launched an investigation of her use of a private server immediately. Watch the latest video…

Leftist Pope Honors Hollywood Leftists

olive medal

You don’t get much further left in Hollywood than George Clooney (unless you’re Sean Penn or Danny Glover) and  his wife Amal, Selma Hayek and Richard Gere, all leftists, were honored in Vatican City today for their work on Scholas Occurrentes. Clooney is a leftist activist and is fundraising for Hillary Clinton. He is is very…

Kindness of Strangers on Memorial Day

in his car

This story has to be watched to be fully appreciated. Warning! It will make you cry. It’s very moving. A pilot dies and leaves his wife and five young children but nine years later, some very special people remember and give a priceless gift.

Was It Gorilla Murder? We Have the Answer with Updates


Listen to a man who loves this animal, knows it well and knows the gorilla was about to kill the child:   We have updates throughout the article but we would like to mention up front that it does strike one as odd that a living, breathing, moving, aborted baby was not given medical help…

How the Minority Rule the Majority in the USA

God bless the United Socialist States of America, oops, I forgot, there is no God

The minority now rule the majority in the United States, but how did this happen and do people even realize it? We should fear it and change it back. Minority rule is what is needed to turn the USA into the Socialist USA. It’s tyranny. Minority group rights are very important but they are being…

Memorial Day, Mary Logan, and Our War Dead

John & Mary Logan with Children

We can interview youth today and find they don’t even know what Memorial Day represents and that is a national disgrace. It’s also a danger sign when Americans lose their identity as freedom fighters who are grateful for those who fought and died for those freedoms. Mary Logan was one of those who was appreciative.…