S. Noble

Mind-Boggling Democrat Corruption In Only Three Days!

meeting on tarmac

The Democrats have no credibility on the Benghazi report. Trump who had nothing to do with it was mentioned more than the victims, but better yet is Loretta Lynch’s mysterious meeting with Bill Clinton who waited for her on the tarmac in Arizona airport. The only way she gets her credibility back is if she…

Obama Doesn’t Really Know What Happened in Istanbul But They’re Trying to Figure It Out

deluded obama

Barack Obama began his North American Summit today talking about gay hate and climate change days after Istanbul was bombed by jihadis. Our thin-skinned president, currently taking up space in the White House, rambled like a delusional, unresponsive dullard after the “Three Amigos Conference” Tuesday during the Q&A. He said he doesn’t really know what went on in…

What Obama Did on 9/12/12


Rich Lowery of National Review Online wrote up a nice summary of what Obama did the day of and the day after the Benghazi attack. If nothing else, it shows Obama’s complete detachment from reality. He’s better at detaching himself from reality than most drug addicts in detox and mental patients in asylums. No one…