Sara Noble

Sara Noble

NY Legislators Hope to Make Felons Out of Legal Gun Owners

cuomo with his gun

If you want to know what we can expect in New York when the SAFE Act is expanded, read on. You didn’t think New York’s anti-Second Amendment bill was the end, did you? The oppressive SAFE Act was forced into law by Cuomo using his usual bully tactics. There will be no end until we all lose our guns or…

Yazidis on Mt. Sinjar Plead for Help As ISIS Attacks Them Again

Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect, who fled the violence from forces loyal to the Islamic State in Sinjar town, settle in abandoned houses as they take shelter in the Mount Sinjar

On Monday, two towns that the Obama administration said they secured in August have been taken over by ISIS. The administration’s contain and destroy mission is still a failure as expected by most. Watch: The towns on Mount Sinjar have forced hundreds to flee. Thousands more are stranded and face genocide. “We are outnumbered and…

Anonymous EU Officials Will Blacklist Some Israelis

Star of David

As Islamo-Fascists rage throughout the Middle East, unnamed EU officials plan to blacklist Israelis, starting with people they label “criminals.” It’s much too reminiscent of pre-World War II Germany when Jews were made to wear the Star of David as identification. Anonymous officials in the EU want Israel to pull back their borders to indefensible positions and…

Democrats Have to Do Something About Their Communist Problem

illuminated for China's 60th anniversary of communist rule

It seems the media is all over the Tea Party, who are distinct and separate groups of traditional Americans asking for limited government, support for the Constitution, and who believe we are “taxed enough already”. However, the same media who hate the Tea Party says nothing about the Democratic party’s huge communist and socialist base, who are…

Death of Klinghoffer, An Opera Dedicated to Terrorists

Leon Klinghoffer

Update: 10/19/14: This opera is opening today. It is a blatant attempt to use the murder of a handicapped Jewish man on vacation to further the cause of Palestinians and to offer sympathy to the terrorists. The opera tells the story of the murder of a handicapped Jewish tourist from the “sympathetic” viewpoint of the…

600,000 Can’t Vote in Texas


Texas voter ID laws were upheld by the Supreme Court Saturday morning. CBS news radio reported from court documents that 600,000 in Texas (mostly poor black and Hispanic) will not be able to vote with the new voter ID laws in place because they do not have any of the valid forms of ID which…