Sara Noble

Sara Noble

Agreement with Mexico, Ecuador, Phillippines Teaches Union Activism to Illegal Immigrants at Taxpayer Expense

radical communist illegal immigrants

What the U.S. government calls outreach could shock you. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has signed agreements with the countries of Mexico, Ecuador and the Philippines to spend our tax dollars training illegal and legal immigrants in union activism. Why it had to be a formal signed agreement with the three countries is a mystery.…

ISIS Threatens to Conquer Texas on Twitter

Threatening Texas

Texas has been battling some Islamists in Texas who appear to be gradually implementing Shariah Law. While what they are doing is non-binding and only affects civl suits, it leaves Islamic women without the protections of U.S. law. They will feel compelled to follow it. ISIS is on it:   FBI Director Jim Comey recently informed…