S. Noble

S. Noble

London Theologian Wants U.S. Christians to Give Up Guns

bible and gun

Why shouldn’t Christians own guns? A London theologian wants US Christians to give up their guns so bad guys can’t get them. The blaze has a story up about Trish Kandiah of The London School of Theology. He wrote an op-ed asking if Christians should own guns. Just because it’s a constitutional protection, it doesn’t mean we…

Hillary Clinton Prepares Second First Big Campaign Event Since the First Flopped


Get excited: Hillary will be making her official campaign announcement speech at the first big event of her campaign on June 13th. — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) May 21, 2015 Big news: #Hillary2016 is having its first big rally—and YOU could be there. Enter now: http://t.co/ZT5MzPsUtd pic.twitter.com/CgHGAzs8nL — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) May 20, 2015   She…

Obama’s JV Wants to Buy Nuclear Weapons in the Near Future


ISIS, the JV team, wants to buy it’s first nuclear weapon within a year from Pakistan. That is not likely possible but it’s more evidence that we must do something about them before it is possible. They already have at least $2 billion and a great deal of territory. Despite what the president has said, they are winning…