Amazon Special on MIA Buttigieg That No One Asked For Is Here


Wow, this man has failed just enough to get his Amazon special..Nice

~ YouTube commenter

Still another phony promotional video about our Transportation Secretary who took the job and immediately went on leave for months while we are in the middle of a supply chain crisis. It should be titled, The Transportation Secretary Who Won’t Come to Work No Matter How Big the Crisis.

The Amazon Special about Pothole Pete is to glorify him and rewrite the history of his failures as the mayor of a small city, South Bend.

The anti-gun, pro-hate speech laws Pete plays a moderate on the campaign trail and on TV but wants all illegals to get citizenship after breaking our laws. ‘Moderate’ Pete agrees that people coming from Mexico are just taking back land we stole from them. [We paid for it] “This is your country, too,” he told illegals in Spanish.

Buttigieg wants to wipe Thomas Jefferson’s name off each building in the USA, and, in case you didn’t know, his father was a famous communist.

He wants a mileage tax on struggling Americans, and he wants Stalincare with no private health insurance. Pothole Pete wants to legalize all drugs and abolish the Electoral College. According to him, the climate agenda compares to the Revolutionary War — it’s environmental racism. The real threat, he insists, is white supremacy. Oh, and he supports reparations from whites for things they never did.

We mention all those things because we don’t thing Amazon will mention them.

So far, 3.4K give it the thumbs down.

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