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Machiavelli McAdams

Machiavelli McAdams By Gene Van Shaar   Democrats across the country are playing a deceptive game that goes like this: 1) Trick the local folks into thinking you are great guy/gal who is on their side, 2)...

Off With Our Heads

Off With Our Heads By Gene Van Shaar   The violent history of Marxism is unmistakable. From Russia to China to Cuba, there is no shortage of evidence that Marxism breeds and delivers mayhem and terror. Here...

The Naked Communist

The Naked Communist By Gene Van Shaar   The Naked Communist was published in 1958. The author, Cleon Skousen, was a former FBI agent and constitutional scholar. The book quickly became a global bestseller and was ostensibly...

If Trump Wins

If Trump Wins By Gene Van Shaar   The following predictions are predicated on the following things: (1) Donald Trump wins the presidency in November of 2020. (2) Republications win control of the Senate and House. During the...

If Trump Loses

If Trump Loses By Gene Van Shaar I am going to explain what will happen if Trump loses the 2020 election. This is not guesswork, speculation, or conspiracy theory. I'm not going to tell you what...