James S. Soviero

ICE in Action! You Don’t Want to Abolish Them

Contributor James Soviero Democrats increasingly demand ICE be abolished. It would end internal law enforcement. Just to give you an idea of what that would mean, check out ICE in action. In a 30-day enforcement action...

Supporters of ‘Revered’ Democrat Party ‘Rock Star’ Maxine Burn U.S. Flag

Contributor James Soviero As Republican officials were being chased out of restaurants and intimidated in their homes by radical Democrats, Maxine Waters was out telling them, her supporters, to do more of it. Recently, Maxine told...

GOP Should Link Keystone Pipeline to Unemployment Extension

As the stunningly disappointing, December employment numbers begin to make their way through various media outlets, Congress continues to debate an extension of unemployment benefits.  Democrats want the aid extended, while Republicans want the...