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About 80% of Minnesota rioters came from out of state

Minnesota riots were caused by the organized far-left radicals from out of state. The people arrested in St. Paul were all from out of state, according to officials. They are very well organized and financed,...

Dems say white supremacists destroyed Atlanta, see for yourself in photos, video

For hours, rioters, not protesters as the media portrays them, seriously damaged retail stores that were already suffering from COVID-19. Some businesses boarded up their windows since the violent far-left rioters smashed windows and...

Heroic Feat — SpaceX launch

President Trump before the launch: Five miles per second! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6K0-7oj_38&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToLmVF1xneo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxCzpa07dvg

AG Barr will prosecute the out-of-town, far-left radicals destroying cities

Many of the rioters come from out of state and they are coming to burn, loot, and destroy. They are far-left and the plan is to overturn our form of government. These radicals are...

MN gov, safety commish blame Democrat riots on white supremacists

Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner is blaming the Democrat riots on White Supremacists. That is not true. The white liberals/communists and Black Lives Matter are the ringleaders. They are nasty and they are stirring up...

Sen Cruz explains what the rioting demagogues are up to (video)

Senator Ted Cruz stated the obvious on Tucker last night -- the demagogues want to use "an incident of clear abuse by one police officer" to "paint" all police officers" as "corrupt and racist." WHERE...

21 red states opened with NO significant increase in COV-19

ABC News conducted a 7-day study of the 21 (red) states that opened and found no significant changes in hospitalizations, deaths, or percentage of people testing positive in any of the 21 states. The states...

Democrat Shangri-la as opposed to ‘dangerous’ right-wing protesters

Democrat riots erupted in Democrat cities across the U.S. overnight, with violent demonstrators clashing with police and setting fires. At least one person was killed when someone fired into a crowd of protesters in...

America’s worst mayor on Democrat riots: “Understandable” and “Right”

The mayor of Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey, is provably the worst mayor in the nation. He told the 'protesters' their anger is "understandable" and "right" because none of this is their fault. They were...

Don Lemon blames Trump for Democrat riots, says we asked for it

Protests are only dangerous if the right-wing Americans hold them according to the media, although the right didn't damage a thing and merely wanted to go back to work. Just ask Don Lemon, he...