Dr. Krauthammer said “quarantine — is the ultimate violation of civil liberties” but


Dr. Krauthammer is not with us any longer, but he was alive during the ebola scare. Quarantine was a topic of discussion that then-president Obama rejected.  It worked out.

Dr. Krauthammer discussed it and called “quarantine…the ultimate violation of civil liberties.” He did, however, recognize the need to quarantine during pandemics. Dr. Krauthammer also recognized the need to get back to normal as soon as possible.

But watch the entire clip to the end:

It is so important to get us back to where we were as soon as possible, without the political correctness.

Dr. Fauci — labeled the sexiest man in the world by left-wingers — is a terrific doctor who puts people first. However, he isn’t perfect and we didn’t elect him. Also, he is in the bureaucracy and has been for fifty years. That means the President must balance his advice with consideration of the damage to the economy.

When Americans hear Andrew Cuomo, Speaker Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, James Clyburn, talk of using this virus as an opportunity to push their hard-left progressive agenda, the right cringes.

Dr. Fauci said he doesn’t know why every state isn’t putting a stay-at-home ban in place. The MSM has pushed the President to issue a nationwide ban. However, the President can’t do that constitutionally. He can suggest. Governors and individual locales get to decide that. That’s the beauty of a Republic. All the power doesn’t rest with one elite group at the top.

As long as we get back to who we were as soon as possible. The problem appears to be that the left doesn’t like the way we were.

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