FBI helped plan, fund, and execute the Whitmer plot


The FBI often attempts to proactively identify criminal activity in its infancy or even as it’s barely a thought. It raises unique concerns, and cases are often lost on the approach. The FBI has gotten to the point where they sometimes plan, execute, and fund plots to ensnare their target.

Entrapment occurs when government authorities induce persons to commit a crime they were not predisposed to commit.

It comes down to how coercive and persuasive the agents were. Revolver News exposed five FBI cases that were egregious entrapment issues, but there are more than five. One of them might be the Whitmer kidnapping case.

Militias and others were unhappy with Whitmer’s totalitarian mandates during the pandemic. That led to the plot.

As an aside, thanks to the legislature, the petty despot Whitmer has lost her powers. She can’t mandate and punish protesters like Hitler any longer.

Back to the FBI and entrapment

The men who are accused of attempting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) are saying the FBI set them up, according to court filings, evidence, and dozens of interviews seen by BuzzFeed News.

There were at least 12 FBI informants involved in the investigation into the group for months while they were allegedly planning to kidnap the governor.

The FBI’s involvement was much bigger than previously known, as the agency was involved when the plot began and had informants allegedly encouraging the group to further its plans, BuzzFeed News reported.

An Iraq War veteran informant rose to second in command of the group and paid for travel for members of the kidnapping plot to meet together. He also told members to work together and helped the person in charge advance the plan.

That’s a lot of help. They were involved in planning, funding, and execution.

One defendant claimed they were entrapped and others are expected to make the same claim.


One of the FBI agents leading the Whitmer plot investigation became violent after taking his wife to a “swinger’s party” in Michigan and was subsequently arrested. He smashed her head into a nightstand and then tried to strangle her.

The defendants were fairly hapless, down-on-their-luck, at least one was homeless. They could easily have been dupes.

Mainstream media is starting to report it, but it was Revolver News and American Greatness editor Julie Kelly who first launched their probe, discovering the many paid informants and agents involved in the Whitmer case and the Capitol breach of 1-6.



  1. Job security and memesters love spit roasting the FIB on www pages.
    Groups and crowds are meant to be avoided and humans are probably meant to live in small tribes in a symbiotic relationship.
    Eager beaver Spike and Butch instigators lead me to turn around and head the other direction as well.

  2. I thought the FBI had such great psychological profile capabilities. Or is that just more PR, beginning with old radio shows like, “I was a communist for the FBI”, and the film of the same name, Efrem Zimbalist Jr.’s FBI and on and on. The PR that has been ongoing for generations has no doubt left many in the FBI thinking they are the bastions of “truth”, “justice” and the “American Way”.

    The Wife-Beating agent underscores the depravity among the “99%” that Hannity wants to single out praise for. The “Sexcapades” of the FBI were known for some time. Robyn Gritz was set to expose how widespread it was, with Flynn’s help, which is probably why he was targeted BY THEM.


    Many who hear of such cases will cry “Entrapment!!”, thinking it is so obvious as to being a valid defense. The Courts, including SCOTUS, has made it nearly impossible to use entrapment as a defense. It is doubtful this case will be able to use that as a defense. The best recourse for the American public in many cases is to begin using the Jury Nullification process. The Federal Government is then left powerless, and only then will the legal system take notice.

  3. The FBI and DoJ are completely out of Control. The MUST be disbanded completely. A new system with State Police and State AG oversight needs to replace them. No free contry should be subject to a Federal Police State of any kind.

  4. I think the FBI INITIATED the plot, if so, that is clear entrapment.

    What a corrupt nation the USA is. All 3 branches, the 2 major parties, all major networks, supported the coup.

    Full trials of the entrapped would embarrass the FBI, if all the evidence were released to the defense.

  5. What else is new? They were involved with 1/6, Benghazi the Russian collusion hoax and who knows what else? They are an arm of the deep state and the DNC and I don’t trust them anymore then I do any other alphabet agency they are all infested with corruption.

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