Leftists paint ‘Let us work,’ anti-despot protests as far-right


Protests are spreading throughout the country as food lines grow and political leaders pass more liberty-crushing and unnecessary rules. As the protests grow, the left is falling back on their old tactics of claiming the protesters are right-wing lunatics.

Ron Paul says that if we want to maintain what little liberty we have left in our republic, “millions” (not thousands) need to start taking to the streets in peaceful protests.

Dr. Paul believes in “Resistance without Violence,” like Martin Luther King advocated.

I suppose it’s verboten to even quote Dr. Paul.


As protests against coronavirus-based lockdowns continue spreading across the United States and throughout the world, authorities are growing more and more despotic. Some are fascist in their enforcement of “stay-at-home” orders, with police in one community arresting a woman named Kim Pagan for simply planning a protest.

Ms. Pagan of New Jersey reportedly faces charges for “organizing a prohibited event” that involved protesters gathering in order “to demonstrate against” Gov. Phil Murphy‘s likely unconstitutional coronavirus restrictions.

“Pagan has to answer to the charge in Municipal Court. Violations of emergency orders constitute a disorderly person offense carrying a potential sentence of up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine,” Fox News reported.

The Mayor of Elizabeth, New Jersey has Chinese Communist State company’s drones flying overhead blasting out warnings to people who dare go for a walk. The company is known for probably collecting infrastructure data for the Chinese communist government.

Governor Whitmer of Michigan won’t let people buy rakes or seeds for no good reason except she can. She and her media claim the Protesters, who they paint as KKK and Nazis, had Nazi signs. You know what they are referring to? This:

This woman is clearly calling Whitmer a Nazi and she means Nazis are a bad thing.

Look at the lengths the totalitarians are going to in LA and why can’t the kids skateboard?

Cuomo in New York claims we can’t open until as late as August. He hasn’t allowed any boats out and finally said non-commercial boats can go out. Why were they ever banned? There is a protest planned for April 22 in Albany at 12 noon at the State Capital Building.

In New York City, the communist mayor Bill de Blasio has a snitch patrol and a hotline for people to snitch on their fellow New Yorkers. That is exactly what Hitler did.

Drive-in church services are banned throughout the country. In Kentucky, they’re putting ankle monitors on people

In Florida, police are handing out $1,000 fines to anyone who sits in the car and watches the sunset.

In all of these cases and in all the protests, the Democrats, driven by their nasty media, is labeling these people far-right. It is a technique that has worked in the past with the very innocent Tea Party.

The media even claims the protests are about masks. For a few, maybe, as a non-sequitur, but these protests are about people wanting to go back to work and not wanting fascist rules.

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