NY Times’ Dowd: It’s ‘absurd and risible’ to think Joe is ‘out of it’


Far-far left Maureen Dowd wrote an op-ed published today in the NY Times Opinion section, with the title, ‘Just give it a go, Joe,‘ reminding him the Republicans aren’t his friends.

It is an infuriating piece as she wipes away his senility as an “absurd” and “risible” idea and tells Joe to stop trying to “appease Republicans” since that’s what allegedly caused his worst moments — like the Anita Hill moment.

Did anyone think Joe was trying to appease the GOP with his more than fifty executive orders and actions? When did he negotiate on the $1.9 trillion bill of socialist waste? Did I miss that? He said he wants to transform the United States and his ideas are socialistic, direct from Bernie. Did we agree to that?

The NY Times blatherskite writes, “Biden should do what he can to help Senate Democrats dilute the filibuster. And he should insist on the passage of the voting rights bill the Senate designed to target the voter suppression efforts enacted in Georgia, just a preview of what’s to come in other states.”

In other words, she wants the filibuster gutted so every far-left wishlist can be met, and she wants HR-1 which would enshrine voter fraud into law.

The Georgia law is perfectly reasonable. It calls for voter ID for absentee ballots, continuous counting of votes after the polls close, drop boxes kept indoors and monitored, and no one can electioneer while voters are on the line to vote.

Stories of Hunter are merely tabloid trash and Joe is sane while Trump isn’t, Dowd insists.

“Republicans are grasping to find something to throw at Biden. Their only ammo is weak: tabloid trash about his son and the absurd idea that Joe is out of it, a smear that only became more risible after watching Thursday’s news conference. He was calm, despite the monumental nature of his plans. He seemed to know his own mind — a nice contrast with his predecessor, who was out of his mind.”

“Absurd idea that Joe is out of it?” The truth is it is not a smear or risible if it’s true and the subject is the President of the United States with access to nuclear codes. As for Hunter, he has strong ties to the Chinese Communists that could affect Joe’s decisions.

According to Maureen Dowd, Republican voters love what Trump is doing.

Dowd quoted Joe to make her point.

“I predict to you,” Biden told reporters, “your children or grandchildren are going to be doing their doctoral thesis on the issue of who succeeded, autocracy or democracy because that is what is at stake.”

That’s true, only Biden’s the autocrat who passed more than 50 fiats in record time, some of which are unconstitutional. It is he who wanted Donald Trump and his supporters silenced. Biden is the guy who wants our guns and who supports a 4th Amendment exception for gun seizures. Joe is the one who killed the pipeline and is spending wildly on unsubstantiated needs with a $3 trillion infrastructure/climate change/reparations bill. Let’s not forget his evil equity plan and the open borders that will change America forever. That’s only for starters.

They think you’re stupid.

Here’s the sane one:

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Petey Butt for Onesie Czar
Petey Butt for Onesie Czar
2 years ago

Give the bong a go at the faculty lounge Maureen.
Maybe the CCP will give Taiwan a go and then launch a world tour from there while Joe stumbles?
How about a burn it all down gig poster/tour shirt?
Start with Ferguson and Baltimore and maybe have CCP Joe and Chicago Jesus on there!
We’ll have to burn it all down to see what’s in it.