President Trump & America’s Last Parade


We no longer have borders, which means we cannot meet the definition of a country. Education in the United States is a disaster. We are losing our First Amendment and our Second. The hard-left has seized power over the Internet. Anyone to the right of CNN is silenced or will soon be silenced.

My Pope is hard-left, and he will destroy Catholicism. For me, I am losing it all.

The parade today is aimed at reminding Americans about America and why we should be proud to be American. Unfortunately, the left, who have full control of all areas of communication, are demonizing the United States as they dehumanize half the country.

We are happy there is a parade today and we hope it works. It’s about patriotism. Unfortunately, it might well be America’s last patriotic parade.

All we know, our traditions, our foundation, are being eroded and they are being replaced with socialism and communism.

The New York Times said America is just “ok,” and we certainly aren’t great. It is the new clarion call from the left. America and its foundation must be taken down, and they are close to achieving their ends.

This is a must-watch, it’s brilliant:

The Democrat Brown Shirts

Antifa is protected by many or all in the media and by politicians. They are dangerous brown shirts. They run Portland and just beat up a journalist, some men trying to help a gay man in a sundress, and they assaulted police. Two officers were pepper sprayed.

A video of the altercation was taken down and the blogger was banned from Twitter.

The journalist Andy Ngo has been falsely smeared with lies as a provocateur and propagandist while Antifa is described as youth protecting us from fascists.

They, of course, are the fascists.

The victims were called “snowflakes” and the quick-drying cement thrown over the victims is described euphemistically as a milkshake in the media and on social media.

Leftist Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler, an Antifa supporter, railed against Sen. Ted Cruz for condemning Antifa and him for his stand own order.

Jack Dorsey himself admits his conservative employees feel unsafe expressing their opinions. All of social media has been hijacked by the hard-left who now comprise the whole of the Democrat Party. Even liberals have fallen in line.

As I write this, I have discovered that Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch was terminated by WordPress this week. It’s just gone. It was an outstanding resource of what is happening to our country thanks to illegal immigration and the massive influx of some refugees who hate us.

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4 years ago

All of this started long ago – 2019 years ago to be exact and with the murder of God’s son – Jesus Christ.
Satan comes in all shapes, sizes and being and together with his helpers leads the mob to destroy all that which is good.
It started first with removing prayers from school class rooms and nobody stood up. The encroached in every nook and cranny, institution and politics and including churches also lead by an anti-Christ pope.
I don’t have to spell it all out for many of us saw these changes and slow destruction unfolding. They have started every war the world has ever known while financing both sides collecting their made profits in the misery each and every war has wrought.
“They’ are the 13 families/bloodlines who own 99% of the worlds wealth making them formidable enemies.
We also were told more than 2019 years ago that they would come for all of us ergo look at the current battles as the ultimate spiritual battle – a battle between good and evil.
We all knew that it wouldn’t be easy but if it is a ray of hope we should not give up ever are these words Jesus told his apostles: “Remember, they did all these things to me before they will do them to you!”

If anything each one of us must do their part in destroying this evil that has enslaved making the world over. It’s not only America – it is a battle worldwide.

With God we can do ALL things – don’t give up!

The choice lies within all of us to either confront this evil or cowardly give up. It wont be easy but it can be done. We are better than this.

Lastly: The current onslaught against this republic, its president and all of us is brought to you by enemies within who indeed practice Luciferian worship combined with rituals and sacrifices. They are pure evil in word and deed.

Let us not lose sight or hope – WWG1WGA – “Where we go One – we go all”!

4 years ago

“My Pope is hard-left, and he will destroy Catholicism.”

I understand your position and I agree with your opinion….but we have had bad popes before and survived.
Never give up hope.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
4 years ago

Sorry for my pessimism but I fear after Trump is no longer President in 2024, every president elected after that will be some crazy anti-American leftist democrat, and the USA will slowly turn into something like Detroit city.

Leftists will destroy Western Civilization.

They think they are working at building a paradise on earth, but they are actually destroying everything.

I don t know how it happened but leftists have infiltrated everything, they have installed crazy leftists in position of power almost everywhere, the pope is a crazy leftist, leaders such as Merkel or Trudeau are crazy leftists, the media are 99% leftist, college and university teachers are leftist, the tech giants are horrificaly leftist, the virus of leftism is spreading

all of them are anti-USA, anti-white race, anti-Christian…all of them think it is a wonderful thing to replace white westerners with third world semi civilized people such illiterate africans or guatemalian or muslims

they will make the USA a large sanctuary city-nation

they will make the USA fall, and then all other civilized nations will fall

the further such nations will fall into decay the more barbarians will invade by the millions or tens of millions

The entire planet will be like South Africa; rape, torture, murder of whites will be a regular thing

infrastructures will start to crumble

the economy will crash

poverty disease, all this will only turn the savage into even more savage creatures

Sorry for my pessimism

but as I watch leftism destroying one thing after another, I have become very very pessimistic

it may take 50 or 150 years but leftism will contaminate everything, destroy everything

To stop and reverse leftism you would need the next 10 President to be like Trump or actually even more right wing than Trump ( I love President Trump, but he is a bit too soft on leftists/democrats )

it took at least 60 years for leftism to reach the level of control it has on the entire planet now, it will certainly take at least another 60 years of non-leftist president to reverse this

I am not optimistic at all

I am sorry

4 years ago

And this is just a few of the reasons why I’m leaving America and moving to Paraguay as soon as my mother passes on and I can get my affairs in order. I used to be proud to be an American but now being an American and living here with the government spying on me, lack of freedom that I used to enjoy and having out and out communists like AOC, Bernie Sanders and all the rest in positions of power makes me feel more and more like I’m living in a prison. Just yesterday for example, a female congressman from Florida said that anyone that criticizes congress should be arrested and locked up. If you have the financial means to do so, I encourage you to find another country that fits your needs, keep your passport active, get a foreign bank account and at the first sign of trouble, pack up and leave because there is a second civil war coming and I doubt that the real American are going to win it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rocketman

You will not find freedom in another country. When America falls Agenda 21 will become reality. Running is not the answer… we must stand together and fight!

Bobby Cosgrove
Bobby Cosgrove
4 years ago

I agree with you. Running away is like that old saying: “No matter where you go, there you are.” Meaning, if one thinks running means when you ‘think’ you are safe from all those things you detest, you will find different problems…maybe worse.