Ric Grennell points to Biden’s candidate who “ignored Syrian genocide”


Samantha Power ignored the Syrian genocide [and wildly unmasked Trump’s team, possibly to stop Israel]. Biden says she will be the core pillar of his foreign policy and will decide our US Aid strategy.

Biden says we must develop the world and she will help do that.

John Kerry said recently that Joe “can put the world back together again.” What about the USA?

Power thinks the real problems center around the weather, and she is no fan of Israel. ISIS was taking over Afghanistan while she was praising the successes that didn’t exist.

Power wants to see the USA sign treaties that require us to give over a “pinch” of our sovereignty to the UN. She is also a firm believer in the UN doctrine of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) which directly opposes U.S. foreign policy as we know it.

The treaties and agreements she would like us to sign surrender more than a “pinch” of sovereignty and include the Arms Trade TreatyTPP Agreement, Agenda 21/2030, the UN CRPD, the ITULOST, UN Rights to Your Childa UN global tax, UN Space Code, the UN International Criminal Court, et al.


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