ISIS Is Taking Over Afghanistan As Samantha Power Praises the Progress Afghans Made on Women’s Equality


Samantha Power gave the commencement address at Barnard yesterday and told the graduates that the United States pales next to Afghanistan because they are putting women into political office.

The U.S. suffers from grave inequality, she pointed out, suggesting that Afghanistan is superior.

Meanwhile, she is oblivious to the fact that ISIS is taking over large areas of Afghanistan and the future for women in Afghanistan is looking grim.

She’s absolutely clueless. She is not a serious person.

ISIS has partnered with another terrorist group in Afghanistan. The war lord who runs the group is giving ISIS inside information on how to take over the country according to Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer. ISIS has so far taken over five northern provinces and are going after the drug trade in the south.

There are about a 1,000 fighters beheading people, terrorizing them, setting up a tax system. They’re taking over the old smuggling routes and going into the north to take the mineral resources.


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