Teaching Immigrant Kids About “Legitimate” Assassination in HS


The Charleston High School in Boston appears to teach immigrant children that assassination to repel oppression is a legitimate form of resistance. They’re learning it along with English classes.

High School Humanities teachers working with children from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and China included in the language learning courses “notes and assignments around oppression, resistance, and narrative structure.”

The lessons suggest they are oppressed and that assassinating political opponents is legitimate.

Antifa, a violent communist organization, parading with their favorite flag.
A worksheet dubbed “Forms of Resistance” is included as an example, writes The Epoch Times:

The first page of the worksheet identifies three types of oppression as “Instituional [sic],” “Interpersonal,” and “Internalized,” and then lists examples of each. One example of oppression at the institutional level listed is, “Trump builds a wall on the border so it is harder for Latinos to enter the US.” At the interpersonal level, an example given is, “A husband tells his wife she must stay home to cook and clean.” An example of oppression at the internalized level used by the worksheet is, “An Asian girl hates her eyes, she thinks she is ugly so she gets surgery to change them.”…

Alongside peaceful protest methods, such as boycotts, sit-ins, and petitions, the worksheet also contains three images that appear to portray violent forms of revolt: riots, shown by masked protestors wearing all black throwing projectiles, including what appears to be a flare; fights, depicted by a cartoon image of two people brawling; and political assassinations, shown by an image of President Richard Nixon as a target of crosshairs.

There is nothing legitimate about this instruction.

Look at the Scribd download below and see what you think.


What do you think it means when you start talking about political assassinations and teaching it’s legitimate to new immigrants? It seems like you set the stage for a Brownshirt army that will dwarf Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Don’t forget, millions of unvetted people are flooding into the country. Among them are people who hate the USA, just like progressive Democrats.

Additionally, it seriously harms the parent-child relationship. It’s coming between them by indoctrinating the children. The lessons indoctrinate children into thinking they are victims of oppression here in this country.

It looks like pure hate to us. That’s never legitimate.

They appear to train children to adopt communism – for want of a better word – and the tactics of communists. This new form of communism promoted by the progressive Left includes fascism and globalism (feudalism).

This is taught along with CRT and 1619, which teach children America and white people are evil.

Is this who Democrats are now and who they will continue to be?

The worksheets support Antifa and violence but look for yourself.

Resistance Notes Wkst on Scribd

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
4 months ago

They’re slyly schooling those kids on how to become mass shooters against schools and other places while souping them up to become aggressive and hateful. I’ve said numerous times previously that the mass shootings seen in the past 2+ years are engineered by Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, the often drunk-and-stupid Pelosi, RINOS, and the democrat party for the purposes of distracting from their widespread illegal activities and especially from the next election cycle.

4 months ago

How do Biden etc. “engineer” it ?

mind you I believe there is some legitimacy to what you say, but you have to clarify it a bit for people to follow you and memorize it.m

4 months ago

You would think that Democrats would be smarter than this. Right now they are the party in power and are teaching that assassination is OK. What makes Liberal believe that Hispanics believe in Godless Communist Globalist Democrat Liberal Loser Ideals? Democrats are so out of touch that they don’t even know that Hispanics have already turned on them. America’s Hispanics don’t want Illegal Aliens screwing up America.

4 months ago

More evidence we are in extreme peril. Living among us are 40 million illegal immigrants many of whom were brought to this country for one specific purpose, They are the Obiden Junta’s army who have been indoctrinated and armed for war against the Junta’s opponents on every level. They will be released on us in the runup to November in an overwhelming effort to steal the 2022 elections and preserve the power of the Obiden JUnta. Yes, there is a longer-term effort to change the demographics of the voter population, but the short-term is much more important. That objective is to not only preserve their power but to expand it. What are we going to do about it? I doubt no more than scream and yell and file pointless lawsuits and engage in ceaseless debate.  When will Patriots understand that the Maoists who have seized control of our nation understand that justice is power and power comes from the muzzles of their guns, whether the gun be wielded by one of their federal agents or a crazed bushwacker and mob.

4 months ago

White people are on a suicide mission to give away our countries here and in Europe. Will people here ever stand up and fight the evil? Probably not until its too late.

Alej Marcos
Alej Marcos
4 months ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

Hurry up, TEXIT –

I would like to live in a country I can be proud of before I die.

I was naively patriotic when I left my wife and 3-week-old daughter to go to Viet Nam .. not so much anymore.