This Is Why Engoron Delayed His Ruling In Trump Fraud Case


According to The Daily Beast’s Jose Pagliery, New York Judge Arthur Engoron demands answers from the former president’s lawyers in a new email suggesting “Trump is in even more trouble.”


Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg was railroaded by far-left New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan, a far-left Biden donor after he was indicted on trumped-up tax crimes.

New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan presided over Bragg’s get-Trump case. He also presided over the petty tax fraud case with former CFO Allen Weisselberg. Merchan put the 75-year-old in Rikers with hardened criminals.

The MSM says Merchan is fair, but he did put an elderly man in the worst prison in New York City for a petty crime that the Democrat DA elevated.

Merchan also presided over Steve Bannon’s fraud case.

Weisselberg was accused of receiving $1.7 million in illegally ‘received tax-free perks such as apartments and car leases.’

Merchan forced Weisselberg to plead guilty or face years in prison.

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Weisselberg pleaded guilty to all 15 tax crime felonies in exchange for a reduced sentence. They were perks that Trump considered legitimate in his position.

The plea deal also required Mr. Weisselberg to testify as a witness. Judge Merchan is returning to the trough to get Weisselberg to cause problems for Donald Trump.

They also railroaded Trump’s accountant and one of his investors.


The New York Times reported last week that longtime former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg is in talks with Manhattan prosecutors to plead guilty to perjury after a Forbes article discredited his claims about Trump’s inflated penthouse apartment value. After publishing the article, Weisselberg was abruptly pulled from the stand in Trump’s fraud trial.

“As the presiding magistrate, the trier of fact, and the judge of credibility, I, of course, want to know whether Mr. Weisselberg is now changing his tune and whether he is admitting he lied under oath in my courtroom at this trial,” Engoron wrote in an email to Trump’s legal team and the New York attorney general’s office.

Engoron noted that “Weisselberg’s “lies” could be used to completely toss out everything he said to defend the company—and even allow the judge to make negative inferences about the Trump Organization’s fraudulent conduct,” according to Pagliery.

“Although the Times article focuses on the size of the Trump Tower Penthouse, his testimony on other topics could also be called into question. I also may use this as a basis to invoke falsus in uno,” Engoron wrote, referencing the maxim “false in one thing, false in everything.”

“I do not want to ignore anything in a case of this magnitude,” he added.

Trump’s lawyers have to respond by 5 pm on Wednesday.

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