While liars claim they aren’t teaching CRT, Psaki proves otherwise


A reporter asked Jen Psaki if Joe Biden supports Critical Race Theory in the schools. We know he does, but Psaki’s answer basically disproves the teacher’s unions and media’s claims it’s not taught.

Psaki told the reporter he does and she does — unequivocally — want it taught in the schools. She said Biden believes there are “many dark moments” in our history. There is racism and “systemic racism” today, and she wants our ‘dark’ history told.


There is a pathetic irony in this since Joe Biden was a segregationist.

This administration doesn’t like America and says they believe the US is a racist country because it’s a tool used to get their neo-communism in place.

Ironically, it is the Democrat Party that institutionalized racism with slavery and Jim Crow laws. Now they want to see everything through the prism of race and institutionalize anti-white racism.

Additionally, they want fake 1619 history taught even though it ignores all the good and falsely claims our founding was in 1619 with the importation of slaves. The truth is these slaves were never enslaved and our founding began in 1776. There was no United States in 1619.

The teacher’s unions, run by communistic women, demand CRT and 1619 be taught. The latest fraud is they have renamed it but are teaching it just the same. And they claim they aren’t teaching it.

Randi Weingarten of the AFT is a shameless liar who is pretending they aren’t teaching it. It’s simply more gaslighting. If Weingarten was telling the truth, she wouldn’t need her huge war chest for legal fees.

The media backs up their lies, pretending it’s not being taught or it’s a conspiracy theory. They are sickening. The media is trying to disarm us with lies. They are manipulative and manipulation is evil.

However, here you have it, out of the Psaki horse’s mouth, they want it and they’re doing it.

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2 years ago

The Harris/Biden Crime Family/Obama Administration is replete with liars. What else should we expect from now through 2024 but lies?

The Democrats should lose control of the Senate and the House in 2022. The Republicans should grow the balls to impeach and convict Biden, then Harris, then Pelosi before the end of 2023. A trained chimpanzee would make a better President than any one of those three lunatics.

DJ Psyc
DJ Psyc
2 years ago

…as they circle back over Afghanistan one last time and wave.
You would think that people would get so tired of COV and race 24-7?