Xi Consolidates All Power in His Office to Attain World Domination


Over the past decade, Mr. Xi consolidated all power in him. He has crushed all dissent and imposed a vast censorship regime. Xi is creating a creeping social credit system and an intrusive surveillance regime. He destroyed all freedom in Hong Kong and made Xinjiang province a prison camp for the Muslim Uyghurs.

This week, Xi Jinping began the CCP summit by announcing that full control of Hong Kong has been achieved. The Maoist leader had originally promised them freedom until 2047. Xi segued into  Taiwan. Xi will take over Taiwan and never rule out violence to achieve that end. He said “all measures necessary” are on the table to annex the neighboring country. Meanwhile, Biden hopes to make Taiwan a kind of arms depot.

The Hill wrote that the summit codified Xi’s goals of economic world domination:

Fundamentally, Xi needs time for China to surpass the U.S. To this end, he will use an array of deceptive measures to fool the world into believing that expansion, coercion and hegemony are not in China’s DNA. In fact, they are the CCP’s lifeblood. If the U.S. falls into this trap, Xi will have won a great victory.

The 20th Party Congress will be held with smoke and mirrors. It will serve to advance Xi’s internal repression and external expansion. Once the world understands this, the congress may be demystified, showing why Xi’s ambitions must be confronted and defeated.

Pathetically, the latest National Security Threat Assessment recognized the threat Russia presents and over-emphasized it but saw China as a business competitor. It’s a view that will destroy us. The assessment reads:

“While we have profound differences with the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Government, those differences are between governments and systems – not between our people. Ties of family and friendship continue to connect the American and the Chinese people. We deeply respect their achievements, their history, and their culture. Racism and hate have no place in a nation built by generations of immigrants to fulfill the promise of opportunity for all. And we intend to work together to solve issues that matter most to the people of both countries.”

The Maoist Chinese are setting up police security service stations throughout the world. They track their Chinese citizens and send some of them to Beijing for allegedly committing crimes. We have one in New York City above a noodle shop, and it’s tied to a shady charity.

Xi is using the Belt and Road Initiative to gain land and power worldwide. He loans money to countries that can’t pay it back. Xi then takes over airports, land, and any collateral the country had on the line.

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