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Netanyahu And Our Shared Destiny

An article published today by The Daily Caller is entitled, "What Makes Bibi Tick," but it might also have been called, "Jonathan speaks to the U.S. in 2011." Here is one quote that struck me,“It’s...

The Corporate Jet, The Reason For All Our Problems

Let's redistribute the administration's wealth and get rid of Air Force One.

President Obama Has A Bridge To Sell You

President Obama wants to cut a few trillion from his 16 trillion dollar increase over a decade AND he's calling it a CUT. I heard he's also selling this bridge at a bargain rate.

Our Future, A Banana Republic?

A banana republic is a country that is politically unstable and has an economy dominated by foreign interest, usually dependent on one export, such as bananas.

Obama’s Gain And Our Loss Of Private Property (Repost)

Editor's note: One only needs to look at the evidence to ascertain that President Obama believes in Agenda 21 and is not devoted to private property rights. I am reposting articles concerning private property...

Jon Kaiman of North Hempstead-Is He Attempting Taxpayer Theft?

If you live in North Hempstead, Nassau County, New York, you get to pay your hard-earned money for a country club that can only be used by rich people with the proper pedigree. The...

American Justice

DNA and modern forensics aren't always a good thing. People now look for proof positive of a person's guilt, even when the circumstantial evidence is strong. Is circumstantial evidence a thing of the past?

So, What, Democrats Can’t Be Patriotic Now?

TWO KOOKS AT HARVARD THINK JULY 4TH IS MUCH TOO REPUBLICAN. From the world of the ridiculous, two Harvard eggheads and their study emerge, linking July 4th celebrations with Republicans and right-wing everything. According to...

Let’s Make English Our Official Language!

Here is a crazy idea - I know it's way out there - but let's make English the official language of the U.S.A. We have people immigrating from all over the world and the...


  The Declaration of Independence and Capitalism Before it was edited by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, the original draft of the Declaration of Independence stated that, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all...