Another Brick in the CDC/FDA Wall, Landmark Study on Natural Immunity


Dr. Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, the entire public health system, and the media wouldn’t allow us to suggest natural immunity is better than vaccines. We now have a landmark study published in The Lancet and reported by NBC News, ABC, and other mainstream media outlets showing natural immunity was very effective, more than vaccines.

Everything we were told is gradually proven untrue. This is one more failure of information from the elites.

“Immunity acquired from a COVID infection provides strong, lasting protection against the most severe outcomes of the illness, according to research published Thursday in The Lancet — protection, experts say, that’s on par with what’s provided through two doses of an mRNA vaccine,” NBC News reports.

“Infection-acquired immunity cut the risk of hospitalization and death from a COVIDreinfection by 88% for at least ten months, the study found,” according to the outlet.

We don’t need no thought control

Dr. Bob Wachter, the chairman of the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, said he did not expect the protection acquired from infection to be as robust as the meta-analysis found.

“The protection against severe infection, both the extent and the length of it at almost a year, is really surprisingly high,” said Wachter, who was not involved with the research.

Additionally, natural immunity existed pre-Omicron, despite what we were told!

“The researchers found that people who got sick with any pre-omicron version of the coronavirus, though, had substantially reduced protection against infection from the BA.1 subvariant of omicron: only 36% at ten months after infection.”

They caused suffering and loss of life

The elites only allowed people in their echo chamber to debate. The media fell in lockstep and silenced all discussion. They were wrong, lying, and corrupt. These people cost countless lives and unnecessary suffering.

People lost their jobs and couldn’t spend valuable time with loved ones over vaccine mandates. They put in mandates that limited our freedoms and made us subservient.

The NBC article actually tells people natural immunity doesn’t last forever, and we should all get our boosters. They won’t give it up.

Dr. Markary on their accountability

Dr. Markary was on the Clay and Buck radio show today and said we knew about natural immunity for centuries.

“The Athenian plague resulted in natural immunity, and it was well recognized that if after you had an infection, you were immune. So I’m glad they’re finally getting up to speed.”

He called the people who betrayed us a cult that still won’t give up their “religion.” He also explained that a lot of evidence shows that vaccines cause myocarditis.

It joins the common colds

“Everyone’s going to get COVID seven or eight times in their life at least. I mean, this thing is going to circulate. It’s a seasonal virus. It is joining the common cold family of coronaviruses. It has been less severe. How do we know that? China just had COVID rip through the entire population, and did they see the massive run on hospitals and, you know, two-month crematorium wait list that we saw during the Wuhan outbreak? No. This is a less severe virus,” Dr. Markary said.

“Doesn’t mean somebody couldn’t get hurt from it. It just means it’s in the family of respiratory viruses that circulate. But I’ll tell you what people are dying from mental illness, substance abuse, being shut out of school, wearing masks, and learning disabilities. So we are seeing significant harm from the restrictions. And at this point, we’ve just got to recognize (laughs) that a lot of these things didn’t do anything. And the covid boosters ruined a lot of lives. That took a toll on society,” he continued.

“My faith teaches me to forgive, but there’s been so much damage, they have not even been honest about what actually happened. So it’s a problem right now. It’s a big, huge problem because we can still do a lot of repairs, and we can still rewrite history, to be honest. If we’re honest, natural immunity beat COVID wasn’t anything else. It wasn’t our lockdowns or arresting surfers in California. It was natural immunity. So I wouldn’t encourage someone to try to get the infection. But let’s be honest about what happened. Natural immunity beat COVID,” Dr. Makary concludes.

Let’s not forget when The WHO erased herd immunity from its website and they changed the definition of immunity. The CDC didn’t bother to report or even collect data on naturally immune Americans spreading COVID.

Policies need to change. And this must never happen again. We need to hold these people accountable.

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9 months ago

Get the Government completely out of Medicine and Healthcare and that includes Medicare. Give the Seniors the Money instead, because they can spend it much more wisely.

Last edited 9 months ago by GuvGeek
Reader mostly
Reader mostly
9 months ago

The spokescientists were cornered. Deny results and people start thinking you’re on the take or something.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
9 months ago

Rushed science often is no science.

John Vieira
John Vieira
9 months ago

This is way beyond incompetence and stupidity…it is EVIL!!!