Clown World Clips

Coffee City Has One Police Officer for Every Five Residents

A little town in Texas called Coffee City has a population of 249, but they have 50 police officers. That's one officer for every five residents. As residents said, "The police are everywhere. Why...

Commie Clowns Screaming and Crying As Police Arrest Them

This should bring a smile to your face no matter what party you align with. This is the way to stop climate radicals from stopping traffic. Don't take the crying and screaming in the clip...

Gutfeld Takes on the Clowns

Gutfeld takes on the clowns in this clip. It's funny if you can take a eight minutes to watch it.

Sometimes Clowns Aren’t Funny! Sometimes They’re Spreading Identity Politics

FEMA workers have stayed in five-star hotels while involved in the Maui disaster. There are 388 people still missing. Their job is to find them and help the people of Maui. What their job...

If You’re Using Your Fans, You Cause Climate Change – Who Knew?

This article contains opinion in case the adjectives don't make it obvious. 😀 The Bidenistas aren't content with going after your gas stoves, your cars, your heating, and everything that improves your standard of living....

Turns Out Fani Willis Is a Conspiratorial Election Denier

One of the main charges against Donald Trump in Georgia is election interference for contesting the election, among other things. Yet, the woman who is leveling these charges is a partisan hack and a...

Evil Clown World: Biden Opens all the Border Gates in Arizona

The Biden administration opened 114 gates into Arizona allegedly to allow elk - the pronghorn - to migrate. Thousands of unvetted illegal aliens are pouring through the gates along with a small number of...

What’s Wrong with This Picture in Bidenland?

What's wrong with this picture? Criminal dies: 115+ dead, 1k missing: — End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) August 22, 2023 As if this isn't enough, FEMA workers are staying in $1,000-a-night five-star hotels. Meanwhile, the suffering Hawaiians are...

The Unfunny Clown World of San Francisco & Their Wild Bikers

Anarchy rules in San Francisco, but it's not just San Francisco. We have the wild bikers in New York. The illegal aliens have bikes with no plates, and they ride all over. The same...

Biden Went to Maui, Talked About Himself and Invented a Story

Joe Biden flew to Maui today in between vacations to talk about the 1972 death of his wife and daughter. He said a truck plowed into her when, in fact, she ran a light. Thousands...