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Donald Trump to Face Another Federal Indictment for J6

Apparently, telling people to march peacefully and patriotically isn't good enough. He did also say, "Fight Like Hell, which he meant as an expression for peaceful protest. He was indicted on four conspiracy charges. More...

Twitter Poster: Ask Permission to Put “Pasty White Fingers” in Comments

This isn't racist at all. The lady, I don't know her name, says you need to ask permission before running your pasty white fingers in the comments section. You have to be "melanated" and have...

Joe Cool Biden Hits the Beach in Aviators & Backwards Cap

GenZ kid, Harry Sisson finds Joe Biden cool. My 95-year-old Mother-in-Law says he's not cool at all.— Clown World ™ 🤡 (@ClownWorld_) July 31, 2023 He stands by it. Fox News decided to come after...

A Britisher Who Rebels Against the Globalists

An elderly gentleman, apparently Piers Corbyn, Jeremy's brother, went into a cashless store to buy strawberries with cash. He called the store "dystopian." The globalists are moving toward government CBDCs; the only way they can...

Clown World Clips Is a New Category to Entertain You

We might as well laugh as the USS Titanic goes down.