DOJ gives up Mueller’s embarrassing case against the Russian troll farms


The Department of Justice moved to drop charges against the two Russian companies accused of funding a social media campaign to sway the election, The Washington Times reported. The companies were the only two that sued.

Concord Management and Consulting LLC and Concord Catering were among three companies and 13 individuals who were charged by Special Counsel Mueller. Much to his surprise, the Russian companies decided to go to trial. The others aren’t in the U.S., were never in the U.S., and won’t come to the U.S. Mueller never expected there would be any defense and a legitimate trial.


The Russian troll case pursued by Robert Mueller was always weak, or some say, a complete joke built on ads that didn’t even include correct English. There was never any real evidence presented.

Mueller attempted to drag out the Russian Troll Farm Case and not provide evidence. The case was supposed to go nowhere and act as a show trial. His request to continue endless delays was denied after some lawyers for the Russians actually appeared — unexpectedly. Mueller hired a top cyber investigator to make it look like the President was involved.

As Mark Zuckerberg himself said, the ads put up on Facebook were aimed at Hillary Clinton and other Democrats as well. They were meant to spread chaos. The trolls even posted a fake Black Lives Matter group (Blactivist) that set up an event with almost no one in attendance.

Mueller’s team only presented it as a case of Russian trolls trying to get Trump elected.


Concord is controlled by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a wealthy businessman also known as “Putin’s chef.”

For the past two years, the company filed motions to dismiss, see the evidence, and have some evidence excluded, as trial lawyers do.

In a July 1, 2019, ruling, a federal judge rebuked Mueller and the Justice Department for having “improperly suggested a link” between the IRA (troll farm) and the Russian government. U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich said Mueller’s February 2018 indictment “does not link the [IRA] to the Russian government” and alleges “only private conduct by private actors.” The judge added the government’s statements violate a prohibiting lawyer from making claims that would prejudice a case.

Prosecutors said confidential material was leaked but didn’t go so far as to accuse Concord. However, much of the ‘evidence’ prosecutors presented were old newspaper articles.

The company wanted the evidence against them, but the DOJ said it endangered national security. They must now drop the case, the DOJ claims in the new filing.


During the case, the judge sometimes told the company’s U.S. lawyer Eric Dubelier to cut it out, like the time Dubelier called Mueller court filings ‘Looney Tunes.’ Dubilier also called it a “made up” crime.

Mueller’s team is calling the lawyer for the Russians “eager and aggressive” so they can’t risk secrets going to Russia.

In the court filing on Monday, prosecutors said Concord had been “eager and aggressive in using the judicial system to gather information about how the United States detects and prevents foreign election interference.”

Uh, the Russians paid for ads on Facebook. Anyone could see them. What secrets?

Go to page six of the Mueller Troll Indictment and read on, especially the part about the FBI  evidence being millions of documents they got by googling. The indictment copies a lot of the key information from prior newspaper accounts dating back to at least to 2015. In other words, the FBI didn’t uncover this information. All they had to do was google it. The agency even stole the photo of the “mysterious” troll farm building from newspaper articles.

Much of the information in the indictment is available on the Internet. With this available information, the FBI still did nothing until the Trump witch hunt began. In fact, John Kerry’s  State Department gave three of them visas to travel through the U.S. to collect data.

The DOJ is allegedly still pursuing the case against the 13 individuals. Sure they are.

Watch Tucker talk about the fact there was no evidence:


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