Hardcore leftist Andrew Yang leads NYC mayoral race


Andrew Yang, the communista who wants universal basic income, has taken the lead in the mayoral race in New York City.

With a little more than two months until New Yorkers head to the polls to pick the Democratic candidate for mayor, Andrew Yang is widening the gap over his second-place rival, Eric Adams.

A survey conducted by Data For Progress, a national think tank, found 26 percent of voters are supporting Yang’s candidacy — double the 13 percent who said they would support Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. The news comes as several PACS are in the works to further assist Yang’s campaign.

The poll also found Yang leading Adams 25 to 22 percent among Black voters — a surprising number given the borough president’s political base in predominantly African-American parts of Brooklyn. Eric Adams is black.

Yang made millions from a Manhattan test preparation company. That doesn’t make him a genius but the left thinks it does.

He caused some backlash when he left New York City during the worst of COV, and tried to ban street vendors who are usually impoverished immigrants.

Yang wants people out of cars, he wants to ban guns, and legalize drugs.

During the campaign for president, he talked about giving $1,000 for free to everyone, even millionaires. Now he’s talking about giving away $2,000.

He’s a proponent of the Green New Deal and envisions no one owning a car in the future.

Yang’s plan includes increasing internet access, creating a “people’s bank” which will allow public funds to be directly reinvested into people and communities, and ensuring that 15,000 small businesses can open in 2022. Yang is also calling for a vacancy tax, which would charge landlords who leave a storefront vacant for longer than a specified period of time.

A People’s Bank is CCP talk. By increasing internet access, he means to give it free to his chosen flock. Then he plans to tax landlords even if they can’t rent a place.

In the past, Yang has promoted legalizing all drugs.

Yang’s a big supporter of the Intactivists. “I’m highly aligned with the intactivists,” Yang said. “History will prove them even more correct.”

Here’s his group.

We keep hearing from the media that he has an effervescent personality and that makes him popular.

Okay then.

New York City doesn’t have a prayer. All the candidates are terrible and far-left.

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Jane Mariano
Jane Mariano
2 years ago

Elect a Democrat get a third world craphole

2 years ago

NYC is a lost cause and will look like Oakland soon!