CNN babes try to convince people Kavanaugh was treated just like Biden


There is mind-blowing deceit coming from the media and political operatives. In the case of Kirsten Powers, she represents both. If she believes what she is saying, then it’s mind-blowing crazy.

She wants you to believe there is NO double standard between the way Kavanaugh was treated versus Biden. She claims only a few Democrats called for his immediate withdrawal but the PREVAILING view was the accusations should be heard and investigated, she claims.

The screams, rants, demands by many, many political leaders for Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination began immediately. When neither the judge nor the president ceded, the calls and lies became more vicious with criminal Michael Avenatti marching out even more ridiculous women than Christine Blasey Ford.

The left called our society patriarchal and attacked white men as if they were the scum of the earth.

There were now-debunked books, Kamala Harris, voicing the views of most Democrats, wanted him impeached, and Powers claimed Republican women are racists if they are pro-Trump. She is one of the worst hacks out there.

Why do we have to keep putting up these clips proving these liars wrong???


Along comes Barack Obama’s famed liar Jen Psaki. She was paid to lie at the podium for Barack. She is seriously going to try to convince us that the double standard is a GOP talking point.

They hid Joe Biden for weeks and weeks, only to have him come out now and say he won’t allow a search of the records at the University of Delaware for even Tara Reade’s name.

He also hid and wouldn’t answer questions about the video of him saying he threatened Ukraine with taking away a billion dollars unless they fired the top prosecutor who was investigating the company whose Board he sat on. In fact, his ne’er-do-well son Hunter was about to be questioned.

Seriously Jen???

Remember the Kavanaugh hearings, and alleged victims who were Soros babes.

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