Is The Administration Incompetent- Review Its ‘Successes’ and Decide


Joe Biden and his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain are feckless. They are destroying various sectors of our country – energy, economy, sovereignty, and more. Biden has fifty years of experience in top positions, and Ron Klain has been in the swamp since the Clinton administration.

Could they really be this incompetent? Is it even possible? Biden’s crazy but Klain isn’t.

Chief of Staff Ron Klain and President Joe Biden at a hearing.

Take our border. Illegal aliens from all over the world are coming into the country, destroying our sovereignty. NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS OPEN BORDERS, only the United States.

The administration has no plan for anything. They certainly don’t have plans for the economy, the border, or our energy sector – at least none that would protect these sectors.

They knew the war in Ukraine was coming and did nothing about it. Now, they send weapons. It should have been done before the war. It could have been a deterrent to Russia before they made the commitment to invade. Currently, the weapons got into a “black hole.” US intelligence has no idea where they go. They also don’t know what’s going on in Ukraine on the battlefield other than what Ukraine tells them.

The mask issue is another manufactured crisis. There is no scientific basis for it any longer, and Biden has said people should have the choice to wear a mask or not. Nonetheless, the fumbling, bumbling administration decided to turn around and appeal the ruling so they can reimpose it in the future.

They could have canceled it a few weeks ago and wouldn’t have needed the court case to allow them to implement it in the future, but they didn’t.

Our energy sector is in trouble so they decided to send our natural gas to Germany with the expectation that we will struggle here in the States with higher prices.

They offered gas and oil leases for the less significant sites and then upped the royalties while keeping the stringent regulations. In other words, it’s not really worthwhile, but it’s a good photo-op.

Biden is 100% responsible for the inflation, not Putin. The regulations, killing the energy sector, higher taxes, US-killing sanctions on Russia, spending wildly, unsustainable debt, and more is all Bidenomics.

Let’s not forget CRT, Transgenderism, and 1619 in the schools and every agency of government. It’s an America-hating, communistic, dishonest trail of crumbs to the collapse of the nation.


The Biden administration has NO PLAN to govern. They just let everything happen or is that the plan? Cloward and Piven‘s approach, perhaps?

They manufacture crises and go from one to the other. They never let the crises end.

CNN’s John Harwood says Biden is a victim of circumstance who can’t control any of this. That’s the unbelievable defense for incompetence, anti-Americanism, and utter failure on every level.

Okay, then, tell me, is this incompetence or something else?

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