MSNBC host Joy Reid makes bizarre claims about laws banning CRT


MSNBC host Joy Reid made a series of wild claims about legislation banning critical race theory on Thursday. It isn’t surprising since she has shown herself to be racist and anti-American at times.

“While Juneteenth will now be commemorated nationwide, there’s a catch,” Reid told viewers. “In some red states, it could soon be illegal to teach what the holiday is all about. That’s because Republicans in state legislatures in a dozen states are aiming to dictate how historical and modern racism in America are taught.”

Reid has no basis for saying this — no facts — but facts don’t matter.

She singled out Texas and its Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, showing a Texas Tribune headline onscreen that read, “Texas ‘critical race theory’ bill limiting the teaching of current events signed into law.”

Maybe she should talk about some facts. For instance, why doesn’t she talk about Joe Biden’s segregationist past?

Joy Reid’s perfect for the job she is in and does exactly what she is expected to do, without worrying a bit about lying or making bizarre claims. Her history of homophobia and racism, clouded by her lies about it, and covered up by the media, makes her the best possible candidate for what she does.

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck shared video clips of the wild segment. In one, he tweeted, “Joy Reid falsely claims that conservatives and Republicans want to make it “illegal to” even utter or teach about #Juneteenth or slavery in America in schools. This is Alinsky-like nonsense and absolutely false. The idea that the right wants to ban talk of slavery is nuts.”

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