Two-Minute Clip on Why Biden’s Pivot to Center Won’t Work


Biden sounded moderate during his State of the Union on Tuesday night but it isn’t how he’s ruled. A two-minute clip below by The Federalist explains why Biden’s pivot to the middle won’t work.

Don’t look at what they say, but rather, what they do and must do according to their new mission.

The Federalist points to the Biden pivot to the center in his State of Union in the following two-minute clip. His speech was aimed at Democrat voters who are more moderate. The pivot was the result of the recent abysmal polling of their agenda. On the surface, they are going to ‘sound’ like they are more moderate. However, he can’t violate the standards they’ve set up and that’s the problem for them trying to pivot to the center, no matter how much they ‘signal’ they are, The Federalist states.

Watch the clip:

The Pivot Defies Reality

A new poll shows 60% of Democrats really like socialism, which is the path to communism. This is who they are and they can’t pivot.

During the State of the Union, Biden said we have to secure our borders and some in the Border Patrol called him out as a liar. He claims he wants to fund the police but he’s been calling for defunding and supporting the concept.

He described abortion as women’s health as he tried to sound moderate on the issue.

As he robs us of our freedoms, he claimed “freedom will always triumph over tyranny.” Biden talked of the bravery of the Ukrainian people as they try to fight off the invaders, but no one in the media is allowed to report how Obama’s administration and later Biden’s helped create the conditions and motivations for the war.

Biden boasted of sanctions that aren’t working but look tough or are depicted as tough. They will hurt Americans but we are supposed to believe we must do it to protect Ukraine’s borders as he leaves our borders open.

He claimed to be “leading the effort” as he leads from behind. It was Germany that took the first stand with SWIFT, which many think was unwise in the long term.

He promoted masks, lockdowns, and the firings of many over the COV vaccine which is now shown to have some very concerning side effects. His policies damaged small businesses and hurt children.

Biden endorsed the radical Equality Act during his speech but the title is misleading.

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