Americans died for our freedoms and we might now lose it from within


Some of my ancestors fought for the British in the Revolutionary War because, in those days, the local reverend decided whose side we were on.  Some fought for freedom and that was common then. It divided families.

Others in my family fought in the Civil War for the Union. One was last seen alive in Andersonville.

My uncles fought in World War I and the Korean War. One came back so injured, he ended up dying young. He had been a POW in the First World War.

My father fought in World War II and won a Purple Heart and a Silver Star for saving the lives of the men under his command. My father was in charge of a Native-American battalion. They were tough fighters. One of his friends was blown to pieces in front of him when he stepped on a mine.

My late husband fought in Vietnam. He said that he had to dig trenches to sleep in at night and the rats would run across the netting, right over his face. The enemy would also come in the night and the Americans fought in the pitch-black night. They often didn’t know if they killed anyone, but suddenly, everything would go silent.

Two of my sons served in the Marines during the war in Iraq.

My family was very lucky, many came back, but not without mental wounds.

These military men and women sacrifice so much and so many give their lives. We must not give it away to socialism or communism. Those ideologies are not worthy. Ideology, in general, is very dangerous.

Fight for freedom. So many gave so much for our freedoms.

We have never had a President as far left as Joe Biden who is actually a figurehead. Never has our country been in this much danger.

Biden is planning horrendous taxes on all of us and he’s hiring 87,000 IRS agents to hound us and steal our money. Socialism and Communism are theft and that’s where the Democrat Party is taking us eventually.




Communism – Marxism & The Communist Manifesto
Communism, which is also described as “Revolutionary Proletarian Socialism” or “Marxism,” is both a political and economic philosophy. The abridgment of Communism is enclosed in two primary writings: (1) The Communist Manifesto, which was first published in 1848 by Karl Marx, and (2) Principles of Communism, by Friedrich Engels. At the request of the Communist League, an activist group they were members of, Marx and Engels together authored The Communist Manifesto. The main goal of The Communist Manifesto was to focus on class struggle and motivate the common people to riot. Even more so, it was designed to envision a model government, whose economics would destroy the upper class – freeing the lower class from tyranny. According to The Communist Manifesto, Communism has ten essential planks:

  • Abolition of Private Property.
  • Heavy Progressive Income Tax.
  • Abolition of Rights of Inheritance.
  • Confiscation of Property Rights.
  • Central Bank.
  • Government Ownership of Communication and Transportation.
  • Government Ownership of Factories and Agriculture.
  • Government Control of Labor.
  • Corporate Farms and Regional Planning.
  • Government Control of Education.

Fundamentally, The Communist Manifesto was a rebellion against the extreme poverty of the lower class.

Communism – Atheism and Amorality
Communism doesn’t end with economic and political reform. By definition, it further demands the abolition of both Religion and the Absolute Morality founded upon Religion. The irony is that Communism supposedly attempts to enhance civility within society, but removes all notions of Absolute Morality, the very cornerstone of civility. Furthermore, after Communism is instituted by the people, the system becomes Totalitarian, resulting in greater oppression of the people it was designed to “serve.” This fact is well documented throughout the history of Communist nations.

Communism – Foundation in Czarism
Communism, though distinctive, is thought by some to have been heavily influenced by Czarism, a Totalitarian regime replaced by Communism after Russia’s 1917 Revolution. While most of Europe’s history has been symbolized by the rule of limited centers of power, Russia resisted Europe’s movement to limit monarchical power. Legal historian Harold Berman writes regarding historical European political policy, “It also has been, or once was, a source of freedom. A serf might run to the town court for protection against his master. A vassal might run to the king’s court for protection against his lord. A cleric might run to the ecclesiastical court for protection against the king.” (Law and Revolution). Russians under Czarist rule had no such protection from the wiles of an unjust Czar. And so it is for Communists. Under Communism, the government is absolute. Under Stalin, perhaps the most notorious Communist, around 40 million Russian citizens were murdered for “the good of the state.”

Communism – The Practical Results
The practical results of Communism have been horror and atrocity for those under communist rule. So much so, advocates of the Marxist Worldview have made every attempt to point out where communist leaders have strayed from the fundamental teachings of Karl Marx, in an attempt to absolve Communism. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that Marxist influence brought about many of these horrors. The irony is, Marxism renounces religion, not because of religious doctrine, but because of the actions of “religious” men. No one could accuse a religion such as Christianity of evil doctrine. However, it seems that men are intrinsically evil and need only an opportunity to express this inherent reality. One must look at the overall outcome of a philosophical doctrine on society, both good and bad, not specific instances of abuse. Christianity, for example, has been used by wicked men to do much evil, but its underlying doctrine has been the cause of much good in the world. Communism, on the other hand, has brought only atrocity into the world. Communism has not brought relief to the majority as promised, nor has it ended oppression as purposed. Communism has only served to remove Morality from the masses — a dangerous and costly experiment.



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