James S. Soviero

Good News Story! One Man Against Five Saves Himself with a Gun

Contributor James Soviero This is a story out of the wild west, but it's good news. Three men were killed and two were injured after a homeowner opened fire during a home invasion in Houston on...

Google Exec to “Evil” GOP, “F*** You All to Hell”, James Woods Responds

Contributor James Soviero A Google executive has a message for Republicans after the Kavanaugh confirmation -- "F*** you all". The tolerant leftist claims Republicans will “descend into the flames” since they are “treasonous” and “evil”. This guy's...

Supporters of ‘Revered’ Democrat Party ‘Rock Star’ Maxine Burn U.S. Flag

Contributor James Soviero As Republican officials were being chased out of restaurants and intimidated in their homes by radical Democrats, Maxine Waters was out telling them, her supporters, to do more of it. Recently, Maxine told...