Clown World Clips

Clown Thief Meets Hero

Watch the hero go after the clown thief:

In Clown World, A Man Becomes Woman of the Year

Attitude Magazine hates women and is trying to erase them. They just gave the Woman of the Year award to a man dressed up like a woman. The male patriarchy has won. Dylan Mulvaney, made...

Democrats for Hamas Terrorists Clown Show

Democrats are coming out strong for heinous terrorists who massacred more than 1,000 innocent civilians, mostly young people. Our three most notable clowns are listed here: 1. Harvard Leads the Pack, Proving a Harvard Degree...

The Problem with Finland Is Too Many Finns

The Muslim woman in the clip below unknowingly explains what's wrong with massive immigration without assimilation. "There’s not a lot of diversity here. It’s just Finns and Finns and Finns, and everywhere you look, there...

Law School Society Bans the Word “Picnic”

At the University of Nevada Las Vegas Law School, the Environmental Law Society announced a "picnic" event. They had to change it to "Lunch by the Lake" because "picnic" is an offensive word by...

US NSA Jake Just Told Us the Middle East Is Quieter Than in 2...

Last week, Jake Sullivan said, "The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.” This administration is entirely inept; whether their policies and stupid statements stem from dishonesty or...

Fox Gets Beclowned

This is funny. Fox News gets beclowned. This is too good. Someone called into Fox and talked about how great Tucker is on X.— Juanita Broaddrick (@atensnut) October 4, 2023

Bowman Can’t Understand Why Fire Alarms Aren’t Used to Open Doors

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, a far-far-left Squad member, can't understand the fuss over him, a Democrat, pulling a fire alarm, which is a federal crime. Imagine if Donald Trump or Matt Gaetz did this. Our justice system...

New York City Update – Flooded and a Mess

It's raining a lot in New York City. Billions went to New York during COVID, and billions went out to climate change, Black Lives Matter rioters who sued, ad campaigns for trans people, necessities and...

We Give You the “Amazing” Hillary Clinton! Just Ask Fox!

Video emerged Thursday of former Bush spokesperson Dana Perino speaking at a Clinton Global Initiative session. Shortly before this event, Fox News announced that she would moderate the second GOP debate with Stuart Varney...