Why Biden’s speech on Memorial Day was pathetic


President Joe Biden honored the nation’s war dead on Memorial Day by taking part in a solemn ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery where he said Americans have long fought for “rule of the people” and warned of aspirations for “autocracy’ and dictatorship.”

It was a pathetic event. He said all the right things as he leads from the hard left and destroys the country.

“Democracy itself is in peril – here at home and around the world,” Biden said, even though he’s the one destroying the country.

“A struggle for democracy is taking place around the world,’ Biden said in a 23-minute speech at Arlington. “Democracy means the rule of the people. The rule of the people. Not the rule of monarchs. Not the rule of the money,” he continued.

He called the nation’s travails a “struggle for the soul of America itself” – a recurring theme of his campaign and administration. And he called for “Truth, founded on facts, not propaganda.’”


We have to stop right there.  Joe Biden, as a figurehead, is the one who has opened our borders and allowed drugs and sex traffickers to pour through. There is no doubt the border is wide open with over 700,000 anonymous people from 160 countries have poured in so far. And the DHS secretary continues to lie about it and the media will no longer report it.

The 700,000 are the ones that turned themselves in. The cartels and terrorists don’t do that.

He is bankrupting the USA and causing inflation with his outrageous spending on payoffs and socialist programs. His new $6 trillion budget includes the hiring of 87,000 IRS agents to hound the American people.

The IRS will spy on your bank account and Venmo, hire 87,000 new IRS agents, level a higher corporate rate than China, include a retroactive capital gains tax hike, and a second death tax on small businesses and farms. In addition, Biden will let the TCJA middle-class tax cuts expire.

He is purging the government and the military of anyone who disagrees with the far-left agenda. He is ruining the military with Wokeism.

Biden or his handlers are destroying our energy sector.

He supports the George Floyd Policing Act which will destroy policing by abolishing the qualified immunity that officers must have.

Biden has pushed the anti-white, anti-American Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project into our government agencies and our schools.

Biden is circumventing Congress on issue after issue with prohibitive memos and executive orders.

For example, he has basically abolished ICE – interior law enforcement – and Border Patrol with memos.

And as far as propaganda is concerned, that’s all we get from the state media and social media who censor any divergent thought or information.

HR 1 AND S 1 will destroy our voting rights and they want our guns.

Biden was joined by Kamala who told us to enjoy our long weekend.

Instead of listening to Biden, who reads Teleprompter speeches that say the opposite of what they are planning, listen to a brilliant black man, Shelby Steele.

Remember, when all seems lost, God will show us the way.


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Plake Snissken
Plake Snissken
2 years ago

Demockcracy is crap, give me constitutional republic anytime.
National Guard sleeping in parking garages is all we need to know.

O/T-I knew that was a good spot at Lowie Hongfellow!
A beautiful copperhead was guarding the entrance today, luckily it was digesting and I backed out slowly with no time for photos or uneeded movements.
Such amazing colors! I’ll try again and I remember where the snakehole is at.
H/T-God & Lady Nature