Team Clinton Paid $700,000 Possibly to Influence FBI Investigation Against Hillary

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Legal Commie Michael Moore Tells Americans to Vote for "Bought" Woman

Robust Vetting: 12-Year Old Foster Child in UK Is Actually a 21-Year Old Jihadi

This Week in History

This Week in History by Dianne Hermann “While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for…

Legal Commie Michael Moore Tells Americans to Vote for “Bought” Woman


Michael Moore, the anti-Capitalist, is out getting publicity for his new, nasty movie Trumpland by calling all Trump followers, “legal terrorists”. His movie is, in his words, an attempt to dissuade undecideds from voting for Trump and vote for his criminal candidate Hillary Clinton instead, a woman he accused of lying, of being “bought” and of…

Recall Media Claiming Hill Needs Bernie Voters? Neither Do They

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks at a rally demanding presidential action to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Sanders will run to Hillary Clinton's left, trying to elevate economic issues.

It seems like just yesterday virtually every media “expert” was certain that, in her quest to be president, Hillary Clinton really needed the support of Bernie Sanders’ voters. That chattering class chorus got louder after he finally finally conceded the race, and both candidates headed to the Democrat Convention. Early on in Philadelphia, Bernie’s supporters…

Bill, Hillary Clinton Break Electioneering Law at Polling Places in IL, MA, NC,MI


Bill and Hillary Clinton, who are above the law, were illegally electioneering this weekend in early polling stations in Illinois, Massachsetts, North Carolina and Michigan. So, criminal @HillaryClinton broke a North Carolina election law today. Who wants to bet she’ll get away with it? — Follow If U Hate CNN (@cnnwriter69) October 24, 2016…

Barack Obama Is Going to Make Airlines Give Refunds If Bags Are Delayed


Obama has been busy interfering and controlling businesses since he came into office. He has paid special attention to regulating airlines into near-non-profitability. As he completes the lame duck portion of his term, he has found another cause which he expounded upon in his weekly address. He’s going to make airlines give refunds for delayed bags. “First,…

O’Keefe Sends Scary Warning About Upcoming Video, Dems Squirm


The Democrats are waiting with great anticipation for video III from Project Veritas. It promises to go nuclear, possibly directly tying Hillary Clinton and DNC chair Donna Brazile to the DNC-promoted violence at Trump rallies throughout the country. It was the subject of an interview on ABC News’ This Week. ABC’s Clinton-shill, George Stephanopoulos, said…