Trump's Nickname for VP Tim Kaine Is a Winner!

Allahu Akbar: Typical Paris Subway Scene

Disgrace: McAuliffe Corrupts the Vote in Virginia

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Trump’s Nickname for VP Tim Kaine Is a Winner!

tim kaine

Donald Trump has given Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, a nickname: Corrupt Kaine. The GOP nominee has been bashing the Virginia senator on the $160,000 in gifts Kaine accepted during his time as governor and lieutenant governor of Virginia. The left is trying to say it was okay because it wasn’t illegal, he didn’t hide…

Allahu Akbar: Typical Paris Subway Scene

Paris Islamists

Typical subway scene in Paris with Muslim migrants shouting Allahu Akbar. This is an invasion and the people of Europe do not have the wherewithal to save themselves as their forebears did. Europe is on suicide watch. MODERN DAY PARIS Typical scene at an underground when Muslim migrants make their presence known shouting ALLAH AKBAR…

Disgrace: McAuliffe Corrupts the Vote in Virginia


On Friday, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s plan to allow convicted felons to vote was denied by the Virginia Supreme Court. That didn’t stop the leftist. He just turned around said he would sign 200,000 orders of clemency one-by-one. The Democrats want to be certain that Virginia goes Democrat in November. The court ruled that felons could not…

Hillary Has a Serious Health Problem on Camera

hillary seizure

We’ve all heard about Hillary’s coughing fits. She had one two days ago. Now she’s having what looks like seizures. I’m waiting for her to pass out at an event. Remember her big glasses after her “fall” and “concussion”? There’s something wrong with her, besides her obvious moral lapses I mean. She pretended it was…

Perfect Choice: Tim Kaine, Crooked VP for Crooked Hillary

Hillary and Kaine

Big Bank Tim Kaine has been selected by Hillary Clinton as her “boring” running mate though he’s not that boring. When he’s not paling around with the anti-Israel self-loathing J-street Jews, he’s taking gifts of clothes and vacations. He took advantage of the lax laws in Virginia and took really nice gifts “out of friendship”.…