FCC Commissioner Very Concerned About the "Breadth of Regulations" Under Net Neutrality

Democrats "Accountable" for Illegal Aliens "Murdering Americans All Over Our Cities"

Bolton on nuclear deal: "It's a debacle for the United States, worse, it's a grave danger"

FBI Defends Islam in Brooklyn Terror Arrests‏

Democrats “Accountable” for Illegal Aliens “Murdering Americans All Over Our Cities”


Barack Obama threatened Border Patrol at a town hall this past week, calling them “Border Control.” Perhaps he should stop insulting Border Patrol and worry about the illegal drug cartel members and terrorists who are known to be slipping over our borders at his open invitation. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) said Thursday evening that President Barack Obama…

FBI Defends Islam in Brooklyn Terror Arrests‏


by Alan Bergstein Friends, Below we read a statement from the FBI regarding the arrest of three young Muslim men who were arrested on terrorism charges. Kudos to the teams of our agents, local and federal, who put these terrorist wannabees behind bars…..until the trial, that is. But what stands out, disturbingly, is the statement by Assistant FBI…

Special Interests Wrote the Newly-Passed Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality, the secret bill to takeover the Internet, has passed. The Internet is now a public utility. Barack Obama has once again ignored the law and has not been stopped. He has control over the Internet. Big evil corporations and special interests helped write it instead of Congress – the peoples’ House. Agencies -unelected bureaucrats…

Obama Makes It Clear That Nothing Will Stop Amnesty

Obama Dictatorship

Barack Obama will ignore the Texas injunction and do whatever he can to illegally circumvent the Constitution. He made that clear in a town hall appearance last evening. The Senate has sent an immigration bill to the House that has stripped out the DHS funding provisions instead of doing the hard job of dealing with…

Jihadi John Identified But It’s Not His Fault He’s Beheading People

Jihadi John

The Washington Post believes Jihadi John – the ISIS state executioner – has been identified and it’s not the suspected rapper. Mohammed Emwazi, a 26-year old middle class Londoner with a computer programming degree, is Jihadi John. The Independent identified Emwazi as Muhammad ibn Muazzam, an alias. He’s not poor and he has not lived in poverty. He had…