All You Need to Know About the People Running the Country

Apple's Tim Cook Has 5x as Many Stores in Tehran as in Indiana

Iranian Negotiations Are Going Swimmingly As McCain Tells Israel to 'Go Rogue'

University of New Mexico Group Wants to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance and Resilience Day

All You Need to Know About the People Running the Country


Senator Harry Reid all but admitted he lied during the 2012 election when he said Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes. Reid didn’t care and he won’t apologize because Romney didn’t win election and that’s all that matters to him. Fox News reporter James Rosen asked Josh Earnest about Reid’s comments. “This week, we saw…

Subaru Sells Cars to People Who Behead Gays


On Monday, the director of corporate communications for Subaru of America, Inc., Michael McHale, issued the following statement to John Voelcker, editor of Green Car Reports: While we recognize that the voters in each State elect their own legislature to decide that State’s laws, we at Subaru do not agree with any legislation that allows…

All You Need to Know About the Democratic Party Today

Reid lying on the Senate floor

The Democratic party today has lost its way. It’s not your grandparents’ party. The ethics of decades ago have changed. It’s the end result that matters and it takes precedence. Harry Reid is a case in point and he’s typical. It didn’t matter that he lied and hurt another person. It didn’t matter that he…