Muslims Chase Hundreds of British Cops Through the Streets‏

Environazis Are Fining People for Garbage in Their Garbage

Devastating Testimony: Absence of Clear Strategy Makes Wars Unwinnable

Charles Krauthammer Responds to Administration's Fantasy War

Muslims Chase Hundreds of British Cops Through the Streets‏

Muslims chase hundreds of cops

by Alan Bergstein Apparently It’s happening all over in England. In the following video, you will be horrified to see hundreds of British cops in full retreat, being chased, taunted, beaten and humiliated by a well organized group of Muslim thugs.. There is no sign of any training in crowd control on the police’s part.…

Devastating Testimony: Absence of Clear Strategy Makes Wars Unwinnable

General keane

“U.S. policymakers refuse to accurately name the movement as radical Islam” and “we do not have a strategy to deal with radical Islam” as they multiply and spread like a cancer throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Asia. That was the message from former chief military officers testifying before Congress Tuesday. Retired 4-Star General James…

Charles Krauthammer Responds to Administration’s Fantasy War

Obama unicorn

We can’t win a war with radical Islam with leaders who don’t understand the problem and a president who thinks arming moderate rebels is a “fantasy” while refusing to call the enemy by name. Charles Krauthammer addressed it succinctly last night on Special Report. John Kerry thinks radical Islamists are merely criminal anarchists. He is…

Are You Too Shy, Very Sad, Have Senior Moments? You Might Be Crazy!


The American Psychiatric Association (APA) amended the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and is under heavy criticism for classifying ‘normal behaviors’ and ‘normal’ activities as symptoms of mental illness in this year’s manual. Internet ‘addiction’, shyness, senior moments, and conspiracy theories could be symptoms of mental illness. If a therapist decides you are on the Internet…

Rush Limbaugh on Historic, Dangerous, Life Threatening Storm Juno

sky is falling

Remember the days when we looked forward to our beautiful snowfalls so we could skate, sleigh ride, make snowmen and snow angels? Those days are gone! The loons are naming ordinary snow storms now so they can make them into disasters. We were told to brace ourselves for an historic, life threatening, dangerous storm named Juno…

AP Admits 2014 Wasn’t the Hottest Year


The Associated Press recently announced 2014 was the hottest year, only it wasn’t. Immediately after the bogus and dramatic AP announcement, we posted an article, Iffy Data Proves Undefinitively that 2014 Was the Warmest Year on Record, which summarized why it was not the hottest year on record. Turns out, the AP had to take it…

Did You Hear About Endangered Polar Bear Penises?

Help, Help, He's Drowning ~ Charles Monnett

Did you hear about the potential tragedy facing polar bear penises? Pollution may be weakening the bone inside the polar bear’s penis. Researchers in Denmark said Organohalogens might be weakening the bone. Organohalogens contain at least one halogen such as fluorine or chlorine, and are used as solvents and pesticides, as well as in the making…