Obama's Upcoming Trillion Dollar Insurance Company Bailout Is Circling the Drain

FBI Just Had Another Key Terrorist Screening Tool Taken Away

10 Glaringly Obvious Reasons Why We Can't Defeat ISIS

Chilling Video of Shooting Death of Laquan McDonald Released, Chicago Braces for Violence

FBI Just Had Another Key Terrorist Screening Tool Taken Away

Imagine interviewing the Oklahoma beheader and having your hands hog-tied behind you.

  Obama found another way to keep us from fighting terrorism. US law enforcement who interview Syrian refugees are banned from asking questions about the person’s religious affiliations or beliefs. This came down from Obama-on-high in the form of a policy memorandum. It has become increasingly difficult for the FBI to find out the most key…

10 Glaringly Obvious Reasons Why We Can’t Defeat ISIS

us vehicles in isis hands

We can’t defeat ISIS, at least not under Obama. Hold your breath and pray that January 2017 comes before ISIS sets off bombs in the U.S. Barack Obama has said he knows what he is doing and he is not unaware. I believe that’s true. Obama said he thinks he would be a better candidate if…

Why Is the EPA Giving Grants at All, Much Less to Foreigners and Marxists


The EPA is functioning as a radical Socialist institution on a number of fronts and no less so than in grant-giving. Whoever started the practice of having government agencies hand out tax dollars to support their latest “cause” should be flogged. It’s corrupt and it allows unelected bureaucrats to pass tax dollars through even more hands. Some…