Terror Attack in New York City: What Would Malcolm X Do

Is Your Christian School Teaching Enough About Lesbianism?

Watcher’s Council Nominations : ‘You Usta be My Girl’ Edition

John Kerry Thinks Climate Change Causes Radical Islam

Is Your Christian School Teaching Enough About Lesbianism?

Simon Calvert

This story is about Britain but we are right behind and we’d best pay attention. A Christian school rated “good” by the British bureaucrats in Home Counties, England, must invite an imam to lead assemblies or some leader from another religion, to be in compliance with “British values.”  They might be downgraded to “adequate” for…

John Kerry Thinks Climate Change Causes Radical Islam

kerry selling snow in the winter

Secretary of State John Kerry repeated his assertion that radical Islam, which he simply calls “extremism”, results in part from climate change.  It’s not religion that guides extremism, it’s the weather. John Kerry commemorated Eid al-Adha at a reception in the State Department Delegates’ Lounge last week. That was the event in which he tied Israel to…

TFSAs Spur Canada Savings Revolution

Growth in Tax-Free Savings Account

Members of Congress and presidential aspirants for 2016 who are interested in a popular, pro-growth, and pro-family reform to champion—this is what you are looking for. by Chris Edwards A tax reform is spurring a savings revolution in Canada. Amity Shlaes and I wrote about Canada’s Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) in the Wall Street Journal…

We Have Cures for Diseases Like Ebola But Government Stands in the Way


Branco cartoon via Liberty Alliance One of the negatives of a developing civilization is that with it comes more and more rules, regulations, costs, much of it driven by a culture of litigious complainers, ill-informed reporters, bloated bureaucracy, political hacks and ultimately a desire by people to legislate morality. We could have cures for diseases but bureaucracy…

NY Legislators Hope to Make Felons Out of Legal Gun Owners

cuomo with his gun

If you want to know what we can expect in New York when the SAFE Act is expanded, read on. You didn’t think New York’s anti-Second Amendment bill was the end, did you? The oppressive SAFE Act was forced into law by Cuomo using his usual bully tactics. There will be no end until we all lose our guns or…

Yazidis on Mt. Sinjar Plead for Help As ISIS Attacks Them Again

Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect, who fled the violence from forces loyal to the Islamic State in Sinjar town, settle in abandoned houses as they take shelter in the Mount Sinjar

On Monday, two towns that the Obama administration said they secured in August have been taken over by ISIS. The administration’s contain and destroy mission is still a failure as expected by most. Watch: The towns on Mount Sinjar have forced hundreds to flee. Thousands more are stranded and face genocide. “We are outnumbered and…

Amnesty for Tens of Millions of Illegal Immigrants After November 4th

illegal alien children

Update: 10/21/14 from the hill: Josh Earnest, President Obama’s spokesperson, said Wednesday that “it’s crazy” for anyone to divine Mr. Obama’s intentions for legalization of illegals based on a draft of a procurement of green paper. Maybe so. Even crazier is the fact that Mr. Obama keeps breaking the law – including immigration law –…