Uh Oh, Government Is Taking Control of Your Smoke Detector

Preventable Tragedies in Sanctuary Cities

Chicago’s Strict Gun Laws Show Promise, Only 64 People Shot Over July 4th Weekend

Greece Chooses Between Plague and Cholera

Uh Oh, Government Is Taking Control of Your Smoke Detector


Not everyone maintains their smoke detectors. One common problem is that there are people who don’t replace the batteries so some state and city officials in their infinite wisdom are passing laws requiring manufacturers to put ten year batteries in them. One has to wonder what happens when the ten years are up and the people still don’t update…

Preventable Tragedies in Sanctuary Cities

32-year old Kate Steinle

Both Republicans and Democrats have encouraged open borders for different reasons but regardless of one’s viewpoint,  the one thing we should all be able to agree on is that our government should deport convicted criminals here illegally. Apparently, we can’t even agree on this because many in the left-leaning mainstream media are strongly defending sanctuary cities…

Greece Chooses Between Plague and Cholera

Tsipras and the commie fist

Over 61% of the Greek people voted ‘No’ on Sunday’s referendum. They rejected the demands by international creditors for more austerity measures in exchange for a bailout of its bankrupt economy and sided with their leftist and incompetent Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The people want self-determination but they chose to seek it with a radical and…

New NYC Law Will Put Non-Unionized Car Washes Out of Business


New York City’s leftist mayor Bill de Blasio has signed legislation that will put non-unionized car washes out of business. He signed legislation to require car washes across the city to obtain licenses and purchase surety bonds in order to operate. The bill will require car washes to meet strict environmental standards and safety requirements. Car…

Who Controls the Democratic Party These Days


We would like to believe our representatives go to D.C. to represent the individual voter but collectivism is watering down the worth of the individual. There are a number of special interest groups, notably unions, who have significant control over one political party or the other. One you might not have heard about is a cell phone…

Photos of the Day: Wouldn’t An Electric Fence Be Easier?


The term lapdog media takes on a whole new meaning after today. Watch while the media follows Hillary around while on leashes. Wouldn’t an electric fence be easier or should we break out the cattle prods? Hillary obviously thinks the media is irrelevant. Clinton reporters being roped down a parade route via @JaxAlemany snaps pic.twitter.com/mpNKofK7r7…