Former Mexican President Bashes Trump

Paul Ryan Calls Upon Conservatives to Surrender

Beyonce, "Blackest" Hard Left Woman "In Amerikka"

Barack, Michelle, Beyonce Inject Themselves Into the SuperBowl

Former Mexican President Bashes Trump


When it comes to that wall Donald Trump said Mexico is going to pay for? At least one former Mexican president said its not going to happen. Former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon called Donald Trump “completely crazy.” There is no way Mexico will pay for the “stupid”  wall he told CNBC “The first loser of…

Paul Ryan Calls Upon Conservatives to Surrender

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., declares that he was "disappointed" in President Obama's speech on a federal spending plan, during a news conference at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, April 13, 2011. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Paul Ryan spoke at the Heritage Foundation to rally the forces on the right and ask conservatives to unite with the establishment until the election. There is nothing the GOP can do right now to fight Obama’s agenda about the Obama agenda. Schools are closed in New York City today because it’s the Chinese New…

Beyonce, “Blackest” Hard Left Woman “In Amerikka”

Beyonce in New Orleans

If you hoped to watch the Superbowl without the stress of politics, you were wrong. The halftime show was politicized by Beyonce. This isn’t a one shot deal. Beyonce’s tribute to the hate group Black Lives Matter is a matter of furthering the movement. During the Super Bowl, this hard core leftist woman saluted Black…

Barack, Michelle, Beyonce Inject Themselves Into the SuperBowl

michell beyonce

One could say Beyonce injected herself into the Superbowl by releasing the explicit version of her song, Formation, the day before the Superbowl and then announcing she might perform it. She performed the abbreviated version without the anti-police lyrics but the word got out about the intent of the song. Surely the Obamas knew when…

BRUTAL: Gov. Christie Just Destroyed Sen. Rubio


Gov. Christie did more than hurt Rubio’s chances to become President of the United States, he finalized the deal, or at least he attempted to shatter them. “He’s a good guy, but he’s not ready to be President of the United States,” Christie said. He could see it and he was “glad the American people are…

Jeb Bush’s Best Debate Moment Might Have Been a Fraud


During Saturday night’s debate, Jeb Bush made his best points against Donald Trump over Eminent Domain. He strongly opposed private enterprise taking property for private gain using Eminent Domain. Donald Trump hit back Sunday with the claim that the Bush family used Eminent Domain to build a baseball park. This is the exchange with George…

Oh, the Hypocrisy! Bernie Is a Socialist Millionaire


Bernie Sanders is a Socialist millionaire with investments. He calls himself a Democratic Socialist or Progressive as if the difference was worth noting. He says there is a big difference between a Democratic Docialist and a Docialist but don’t fall for it. A statist is a statist, plus this is a man with a communist history.…