DEA: Heroin Epidemic Worse Than Ever

Constitutional Rights For Some: Return of the City Porn Merchants

Failed $360 Million Border Drone Program to Get Another $443 Million

John Kerry Doesn't Know What's In The Nuclear Deal

DEA: Heroin Epidemic Worse Than Ever

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Confiscated Drugs Being Smuggled Into the United States by Julie on Politics A veteran DEA official told Congress yesterday that he has “never seen” heroin use more common than it is today. “I’ve been with the DEA almost 30 years, and I have to tell you, I’ve never seen it this bad,” acting DEA deputy commissioner…

Failed $360 Million Border Drone Program to Get Another $443 Million

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There is yet another inefficient, ineffective, expensive program that needs to be scuttled but instead another nearly half billion dollars will be poured into it to…wait for it….wait….EXPAND it. We’ve been told repeatedly that the border drone program was an excellent one that has great potential. Someone is either lying or falling down on the…

John Kerry Doesn’t Know What’s In The Nuclear Deal


Several movie stars recorded a just released video that promotes the nuclear deal, claiming it’s the deal or war. Apparently, we need to make a deal that paves the way for a nuclear weapon in ten years, conventional weapons in four and ICBMs in eight. What makes the deal even worse are the secret side…

Rep. Meadows’ Amazing Stand Against Boehner for the Republic


Rep. Meadows (R-NC) Rep. Meadows told Mark Levin “If my voting card is really only allowed to vote the way the leadership tells me…if I don’t vote that way, I get punished or I fail to get a vote heard, then it’s only the illusion of a democracy.” He also asked “why bother to go to Washington”.…

Put Unborn Babies In Animal Sanctuaries To Drive Up Concern


Maybe if we call the aborted babies “Cecil” instead of “fetuses” people would care how their lives are ended and how their bodies are treated after death. Newsbusters reported that the three broadcast networks, ABC, NBC and CBS censored the third video released Tuesday by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice…

The Donald Trump Phenomena And Another Crazy Rape Story


Donald Trump has taken on the John McCain war hero story, illegal immigration, Common Core, rape allegations and the nuclear deal. He has beaten down every accusation that was meant to destroy him and the attacks come from both sides of the aisle. So far it’s not working. On Tuesday, John Kerry admitted that, yeah,…