Republicans Cave - Remember Their Names

video...Netanyahu's Address to Congress and the Ensuing Alinsky Style Attacks by Democrats

"Country Within a Country" Toolkit for Developing "Receiving Communities"

This Week in History, March 2 - 8

Republicans Cave – Remember Their Names


The House passed the DHS funding bill 257-167, and are sending it to the White House for Obama’s signature to pass it into law. They put up these meaningless battles and then they cave. They were voted in to fight Barack Obama but they won’t do it. Barack Obama still has the control of Congress…

This Week in History, March 2 – 8


This Week In History by Dianne Hermann   “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson   Week of March 2-8, 2015   March 2 1819 – The U.S. passes its first immigration law. 1867 – The U.S. Congress…

ISIS Is Setting Up Bases 300 Miles From Europe in Libya


We now know that ISIS is setting up bases in Libya. Director Clapper wants to send spy planes but apparently we can’t bomb them. It would be better to bomb or drone them now before it is too late but it won’t happen under this administration. Watch: Libya is an Obama failure. It was his…