Obamacare Is a Complete Disaster



Obamacare seeks to cover 48 million Americans who are allegedly without insurance. Of the 48 million, more than half don’t want it. Many of them are young people who don’t see the need and don’t want the government forcing them to buy it. [reason]

The government gave up on the 48 million number and are now trying to cover 30 million people. We are not covering everyone despite turning our healthcare completely over to government regulation.

Every Obamacare regulation involves a cost and a tax which will be passed on to consumers. We now have about 20,000 pages of rules and at least one violates freedom of religion for some Christians and Jews.

The doctor shortage will become quite real. California is already moving to have pharmacists, RN’s and Physician Assistants take the place of doctors for many diagnostic, treatment and prescription needs. We will not have the proper care. The phony argument that people were dying in the streets was simply not true but it will be.

Last April, the CBO said as many as 20 million will lose their employer-based coverage. [the hill] The estimate now runs as high as 68 million by some calculations. Businesses are looking to not expand so they don’t hit the 50 employee mark which requires them to provide healthcare.

Remember this promise?

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Some people will see their insurance premiums go up by 40% to 100%. [IS]

That is not what we were told:

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The healthcare exchanges, which are supposed to be free market but aren’t, have been impossible to set up and they have been put off until 2015. The health co-ops are being investigated for fraud by the House Oversight Committee. The government is investing billions into them while expecting a failure rate of 42%. [IS]

Everyone now has to pay for everyone’s every medical need or wish. Prior to this, the idea was to provide a safety net, but now, healthcare is a “right.” With that “right” comes the more unusual requests such as everyone having to pay for abortions and transgender reassignment surgeries. [IS] Washington State is already mandating employers pay for abortions. [IS]

The insanity grows by the day. Obama is going to hire 140,000 government workers, aka navigators, at $20 to $40 an hour to help people get around the healthcare law. The Obamacare application alone has 61 pages of instructions. These people will be clerks, not lawyers or accountants, and they will come from the unions, ACORN, Planned Parenthood, and other similar groups[IS] They will actually be explaining it to English-speaking people. They will also employ people to explain it in a number of different languages, especially Spanish.

People who go over the limit for Obamacare insurance in a year, will have to pay back more than half of what they received in that year. Watch out for the taxman!

Medicare will be rationed indirectly. As soon as it reaches a certain level, the Independent Payment Advisory Board will cut payments to doctors and hospitals. They will have no choice but to ration care. They can’t work for free.

We have seen the beginnings of it already. Hospitals are being fined for re-admitting the same senior within a month and cancer patients are being turned away from clinics (sequester is being blamed but sequester was not supposed to affect Medicare.)

More than $700 billion was taken away from future payments to Medicare to help pay for Obamacare. Where did people think the money needed for Medicare would come from? There is only one place – rationed care.

Medical devices from canes to artificial joints are being taxed so high that medical device companies are cutting down on innovation, some are eliminating most of their projects.

The costs are growing by the day and it will only get worse. We have already spent 6 years paying for the program while not in effect. How are we going to pay for this? No one cares about the taxpayer – no one.

The Government Accountability Office now says that Obamacare will add $6.2 trillion to the deficit while we already have a nearly $17 trillion dollar debt with trillion dollar deficit budgets each year. That number keeps going up. [washington monthly]

Remember this?

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Not even a dime!

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Once you had to worry about your illness and which doctor to choose, that will now be the least of your worries.