McCain Is MoveOn’s New Poster Boy


McCain MoveOns poster child

I received the following lovely email from MoveOn and thought I’d share it with everyone. It seems a MoveOn member was able to talk John McCain into voting for BACKGROUND CHECKS! They’ve only just begun. Next, they want more gun-free zones.

MoveOn is thrilled and now they are after Jeff Flake to do the same.

They believe the pressure MoveOn and alien groups placed on McCain is what made the difference.

The RINOS are all cozy with the far-left group MoveOn.

McCain is useless at best. He’s a bad influence on Jeff Flake, Marco Rubio et al.

Dear MoveOn member,

Ellen Davis is a MoveOn member in Phoenix, AZ, who became a tireless gun violence prevention activist last summer, the night of the Aurora, CO, moving theater shooting.

Ellen’s committed leadership helped get Senator John McCain to vote for background checks, and the pressure she and other MoveOn members and allies are putting on Senator Jeff Flake is getting him to change his mind.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid indicated this week that gun legislation could come back up for a vote, and would have more votes this time. If enough of us step up like Ellen and pressure the senators who voted against commonsense reform, we can win on this issue this year.

Read Ellen’s story below. Then click here to commit to pressure Congress to vote for gun violence prevention when it comes back up.

Thanks for all you do.

–Garlin Gilchrist II, Civic Action

Ellen Davis, MoveOn gun violence prevention leader and Founder of Arizona People Acting for a Safer Society

Dear Move On member,

On the evening of the mass execution at the premiere of the Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado in July 2012, I started a MoveOn petition to reinstitute the federal ban on assault weapons. Through the efforts of family and friends, the petition gained about 10,000 signatures. In August and September, after the shootings in Oak Creek, WI, and at the sign business in Minnesota, and with MoveOn’s Twitter and Facebook support, the signature count to more than 80,000 signatures. Then local press picked up the story, and the petition rose to over 90,000. Despite this momentum, I was unable to convince my member of Congress or Senator McCain to accept the petition.

In January, after the Newtown shooting, I hosted a MoveOn Community Committee Against Gun Violence meeting in my home, and also invited petition signers. More than 30 people showed up! We met again that weekend and formed a nonprofit organization called Arizona People Acting for a Safer Society (AZPASS). AZPASS now has more than 80 members, who attend monthly meetings. We have participated in many rallies, town hall meetings, assemblies, and visits to Senators McCain and Flake. AZPASS has joined coalitions, participated in many conference calls, and freely shares information and ideas.

In April, just prior to the Senate vote on background checks, we printed two copies of the petition, one for Senator Flake and one for Senator McCain—more than 11,500 pages and over 22 reams of paper. AZPASS asked a Phoenix family who lost their son, Alex Teves, in the Aurora shooting, together with a Colorado family who lost their daughter in Aurora, to wheel the two full dollies of paper into the Senate offices and ask the senators to vote for sensible gun laws. More than 75 people from the coalition joined us. Both the local and national news covered the event and the follow-up interviews with the Teves family.

Senator McCain voted for the background checks bill. He held an impromptu meeting with our coalition outside his office and promised to vote for the bill if it came up again. Senator Flake voted against the bill. Since then, we have staked out his office and used the media to condemn his actions. My email about our visit to Senator Flake was posted on Daily Kos. Senator Flake’s popularity has fallen dramatically in recent weeks, and the polls attribute it to that vote. Senator Flake now says he will vote for background checks if the bill comes up again.

The local community paper just asked AZPASS’s secretary to become a regular contributor, and AZPASS people have participated in over ten local television interviews. We have begun a letter-to-the-editor campaign. Next up: printing “No Firearms Allowed” signs for local businesses, to make people more aware of the presence of guns and the issue of gun safety.

Our motto is this quote from Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Thanks for all you do.

Ellen Davis
MoveOn member
Founder, Arizona People Acting for a Safer Society