90-100 Iraqi Teens Murdered for Their Haircuts by the Moral Police

"emo" hair

Warning, the photo below is gruesome.

When I think of wounded and the lives lost of both soldiers and Iraqis who fought for Iraqi freedom but now see the rapid disintegration of the country on Obama’s watch, I become ill.

The armed moral police have been rampaging through Iraqi schools and dragging out teens who look westernized. They have been brutally stoning them to death and then dumping their bodies into dumpsters. Of particular concern to the “moral police” is the students “emo” haircuts.

The Iraqi interior ministry has declared “emo” teens “devil worshippers and this lead to this horrible slaughter, which was approved by their department of education. It is unknown how many teens have been murdered but one estimate by an NGO is 90 to 100.

The Iraqi ministry said they are a “danger.” “They wear strange, tight clothes that have pictures on them such as skulls and use stationery that are shaped as skulls. They also wear rings on their noses and tongues, and do other strange activities.”

A teen wearing an "emo" haircut and his body after stoning

The deaths of these children are brutal. “First they throw concrete blocks at the boy’s arms, then at his legs, then the final blow is to his head, and if he is not dead by then, they start all over again,” one person who managed to escape told the daily.

Gay teenagers have been murdered by battering their heads with concrete blocks.

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