Algerian Crisis Is Over


Gas Plant Under Siege

Update: 16:00: In all, 23 hostages have been killed according to latest reports; 4 of the 18 BP workers are missing; 107 foreign workers and 685 local employees had been released. Five British and one UK resident are missing.

Identification of the burned bodies will take some time.

Some workers made good an escape through the desert and others hid in the ceiling during the ordeal.

One of these witnesses said the accents of the terrorists were Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan. [These are countries we have sent military or other aid to.]

Another witness said he saw them gun down people including one Japanese man. They said they knew that if the Algerians were to attack again, they would all be dead.

All militants, about 32, are reported dead.

The Algerians are removing explosives and have removed an arsenal of weapons. The terrorists planned to blow up the refinery. [Sky News]

Original Story: CNN reports that both the UK and Norway officials affirmed that the Algerian hostage crisis is over but the final outcome is unclear.

Algeria’s special forces stormed the gas plant and killed 11 militants, but not before they allegedly executed seven hostages, according to the Algerian news agency.

The Algerian Radio report did not specify the nationalities of those killed.

Americans and other Westerners were the main target of the terrorists who wanted freedom for two terrorists the US holds in captivity.

U.S. officials have not confirmed that any hostages were executed at the remote desert gas plant Saturday. However, Britain’s defense minister says it appears the hostage situation in Algeria has come to an end and resulted in further loss of life.

Fifteen burned bodies in addition to 24 other bodies have been found so far.

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