Andrea Mitchell, of the National Bolshevik Corporation, Making Up History. Again

NBC & Their New Birdbrained Slogan

NBC recently changed their logo and slogan. In a birdbrained move, they dumped the peacock and changed their slogan to Let’s make history. Again. Actually, they are making UP history.

Andrea Mitchell picked up an interesting little fact about the Mexican Romneys, ancestors of Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. She said they came across the border illegally. Aside from the fact that there should be a statute of limitations on blaming someone for something an ancestor did, the other problem is she was wrong.

The Mexican Romneys were U.S. citizens. I wonder what would happen if a Republican said this about Obama’s ancestors. Would said Republican be called a racist? What do you think? Maybe it’s good the peacock is gone, how can they be proud as a peacock when they no longer represent a free and neutral press?

No one seems to be saying where she got her faux facts from, but who cares anyway? My ancestors came here legally but all they needed was passage on a ship heading to the U.S. in those days.

Here’s Andrea with her facts all wrong –

Actual Fact: CNN contributor Ruben Navarrette Jr. explains that Romney’s ancestors crossed into Mexico but never became Mexican citizens:

Romney’s great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, fled the United States and crossed into Mexico in 1885 to escape religious persecution. He helped build the Mormon enclave of Colonia Juarez in Chihuahua.

Miles Park Romney never became a Mexican citizen, and neither did his son, Gaskell, or grandson, George. They were all denied Mexican citizenship because statutes on the books in Mexico denied that right to American settlers and their offspring.