Andrew Cuomo’s Incredible $67 Million Land Swindle



Steve Bellone, Suffolk County Executive, was well-known for his spend and tax policies but was elected Suffolk County Executive anyway.

I think I found the $67 million that the IRS lost or had stolen! Suffolk County, Long Island might be getting it. Actually, it’s only a coincidence that Long Island is getting a $67 million bailout. They’re getting it under the guise of a real estate deal. It is so dishonest that I have to marvel at it.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill that will grant $67 million to Suffolk County – a now badly-in-debt county – so they can sell the H. Lee Dennison building to the county’s Judicial Facilities Agency (another government agency) who will then lease it back to them for 20 years.

All New York taxpayers are supplying Suffolk County with a transfusion of funds in what is actually a major bailout, using a phony real estate deal for political cover. It’s really a loan subsidized by all New York taxpayers.

Suffolk can’t even meet payroll and continue operations since they elected the Democratic loon, Steve Bellone, to the position of Suffolk County Executive. They had none of this debt until he came to being. He dishonestly attempted to blame the debt on his fiscally conservative predecessor [also a Democrat until shortly before his resignation].

Bellone alone is the only one to blame but Cuomo takes care of his own and he does have all that tax money to burn.